Breach of mediation means a strike for 23,548 LO members from Sunday

If the parties in this year’s interim settlement do not agree by midnight to Sunday, LO announces a strike for more than 23,000 members. The mediation starts on Friday.

LO leader Peggy Hessen Følsvik informed national mediator Mats Ruland and the other party NHO about LO’s strike withdrawal at 12.00 on Tuesday. Such a resignation must give at least four days notice before the employees can be taken out on strike. In practice, the strike can start from 06.00 on Sunday 11 April.

LO recruits members in a wide range of industries across large parts of the country. A strike will affect most of the bus traffic, large parts of the construction industry, breweries and other food industries and a number of other industrial areas and larger shipyards, such as Aker Stord and Aibel in Haugesund. A strike will initially only affect most people to a limited extent, with the exception of bus traffic. Industry that supplies necessary food is also not taken out in the first place.

LO and NHO asked for the Ombudsman’s assistance after almost a day and a half in negotiations. NHO has demanded that the wage supplements this year should not exceed 2.2 percent, which corresponds to the average of Norway’s trading partners abroad, while LO demands unchanged purchasing power, ie a wage supplement of at least 2.8 percent, which is the preliminary estimate for inflation in 2021 .

– With this strike warning, we show the strength and solidarity of the front-line subject model. We take the fight for the whole of working life against NHO’s provocative demand for a real wage cut, and stand in solidarity behind the demand for an extra wage increase for the lowest paid, says LO leader Peggy Hessen Følsvik in a comment to LO’s strike notice. But she emphasizes that the goal is to reach an agreement in the mediation this weekend.

– We always aim to agree, but are also prepared for a strike, if necessary. I note that it has not been possible to agree with NHO so far. says LO leader Peggy Hessen Følsvik.


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