U.S. court refuses to judge Trump in lawsuit over “censorship” on Twitter – World

The Justice of the United States of America (USA) rejected this Tuesday the appreciation of a lawsuit about the possibility that the former President, Donald Trump, could block users on Twitter, since the Republican left the White House.
The US Supreme Court found that the suit was unreasonable to be heard and that it was “irrelevant” if Trump had blocked users from that social network, since he was no longer President of the country.

The process began in 2017 and lost part of the follow-up it had had until then when Twitter suspended Donald Trump’s account in the closing days of the Republican’s term, claiming that Trump was massively spreading unfounded accusations about alleged electoral fraud during the presidential elections in November 3rd of last year.

The attack on the Capitol on January 6, during the confirmation of Democratic Joe Biden’s victory in the suffrage also prompted the suspension of Trump’s account, since the social network claimed that the former US head of state was using Twitter. as a vehicle to instigate violence.

The Supreme Court decision announced today concludes a lawsuit that claimed that Trump, being President, had no right to block users’ opinions, considering that the blocking could constitute censorship.

In July 2017, seven Twitter users who had been blocked by the then President of the USA argued that since Trump used his personal account (@realDonaldTrump) to spread official government information, that the messages he posted had to be accessible to everyone users.

In 2019, one instance declared that Trump had violated the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution – which protects freedom of expression, the press and assembly, among others – as he is considered a state official who used social media with official purposes.


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