In the USA, family is expelled from flight after child removes mask to feed – Marie Claire Magazine

In the US, family is expelled from flight after child removes mask to feed (Photo: Reproduction)

A video that circulates on the web shows a flight attendant from Spirit Airlines removing a family from an airplane in Florida. According to the images, the employee argues that the couple’s 2-year-old child was not wearing a mask.

According to the publication of the NY Post, passengers on the flight from Orlando to Atlantic City, New Jersey, were eventually forced off the plane before being allowed to board again.

In the images, it is possible to observe the child without a mask feeding, on the lap of the mother who is pregnant, while the man talks to the flight attendant. She claimed that the little girl was not complying with the company’s security rules. “She is not wearing a mask,” he said, pointing to the child.

The mother still replies: “The baby?” A woman sitting next to them tries to help and says that “many children do not wear masks”.

The father goes on to say, “You are sitting next to me. I was wearing the mask all the time? I was wearing the mask all the time, everyone?” He said.

The mother still says: “This is just a child and a 2 year old child”. The employee hitches: “It’s not my choice. You have to get your things and go down, “insisted the airline employee, saying the family was” not in compliance with the mask policy “.

The mother still insists: “She is a baby. She just turned 2 years ago a month ago. She is trying to use it.”

O NY Post contacted Spirit Airlines who said the family was removed from the flight because they “violated the airline’s face mask protection policy and that their violation was not captured by the cameras.” Also according to the publication, the family was warned and allowed to board the flight again and proceed to their destination.


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