RS completes five days with ICUs operating below 100% of the capacity; see index by region | Rio Grande do Sul

RS completes five days with ICUs operating below 100% of the capacity; see index by region | Rio Grande do Sul
RS completes five days with ICUs operating below 100% of the capacity; see index by region | Rio Grande do Sul

The hospitals of Rio Grande do Sul entered, this Monday (5), in the fifth consecutive day with the ICUs operating with the occupation below the maximum limit. At 4:07 pm, the State Department of Health counted 3,241 patients in 3,399 beds, a rate of 95,3%.

In comparison with the previous day, the state increased the offer of vacancies e saw the number of hospitalized patients decrease. On Sunday (4), 3,260 people were served in 3,387 beds.

The scenario of slight improvement in numbers is seen since Thursday (1st), when there was the first record of occupation below 100% after 30 days (see chart below).

Among those hospitalized, there are 2,376 with coronavirus, 136 with suspected Covid and 729 with other diseases. Furthermore, 158 beds are free.

Occupation of ICU beds in RS

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Cast iron: SES

This Monday’s numbers are still partial. The consolidation of the day’s data will be announced in Tuesday’s bulletin (6).

SES monitors 299 hospitals across the state, 46 of which had not yet updated their indicators in the middle of the afternoon.

You public hospitals of RS continue with occupation below 100%. According to the SES bulletin, 2,215 patients are hospitalized by the Unified Health System (SUS), which registers 2,453 beds in all. The stocking fee is 90,3%.

On private network, there are 1,026 people in 946 beds (108,5%). This is possible because phase 4 of the SES Hospital Contingency Plan authorizes the use of adapted beds, such as recovery rooms and surgical centers, for intensive care.

Within the ICUs, 2,468 of the 3,241 hospitalized are intubated in respirators, or equivalent to 72,6% do total.

Another 3,908 people are hospitalized in clinical beds, within the limit of nearly 8,200 patients.

SES divides the 497 municipalities in RS into 21 Covid regions. In seven of them, there is a situation of exhaustion.

Public hospitals are overcrowded in five of the 21 locations, while private ones operate above 100% in 11 regions (see table below).

ICU occupation by RS region

Region General THEIR Private
South waterfall 135% 106% 400%
Uruguayan 117% 114% 157%
Lajeado 112% 95% 237%
Palmeira das Missões 107% 110% 100%
Caxias do Sul 100% 97% 104%
Deep step 100% 88% 157%
Porto Alegre 100% 92% 113%
Capão da Canoa 97% 101% 0%
Santa Rosa 96% 86% 0% (5 employed) *
New Hamburg 94% 86% 110%
Santa Cruz do Sul 93% 78% 260%
Santa Maria 90% 90% 90%
Guaiba 89% 89%
Ijuí 88% 88% 89%
Erechim 86% 97% 68%
Taquara 85% 85%
Santo Ângelo 85% 87% 75%
Pellets 84% 81% 100%
Bagé 83% 100% 0%
Canoas 78% 78% 77%
High Cross 69% 71% 64%

* The Santa Rosa region does not have ICU beds in the private network, even so, private institutions serve critical patients in adapted wards.

The SES monitoring panel also controls 21 hospitals from Porto Alegre. According to the agency, the city has 1,116 patients hospitalized in 1,106 critical beds, equivalent to 101%.

In the public network, the occupancy rate is 93%. In the private network, the rate is 112%.

In the control carried out by the Municipal Health Secretariat (SMS), in 18 hospitals and in four emergency care units (UPAs), the queue for an ICU bed it’s from 145 people. There are 136 in hospitals, 89 with Covid-19 and 47 with other diseases, in addition to nine more patients in the UPAs.

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