-The situation among young people is challenging

-The situation among young people is challenging
-The situation among young people is challenging
Infection rates are rising among young people in Moss. So far, 15 students have been diagnosed with coronary heart disease, but the municipal chief fears that there will be more.

On Monday night, the municipal chief in Moss, Kristian Kroghus, issued an invitation to all students at upper secondary schools in Moss to test for corona, if they have met fellow students during the Easter holidays.

To TV 2 on Tuesday morning, Kroghus says that they will for the time being keep the schools closed until tomorrow.

– But we may need the rest of this week to get an overview, so that we are sure not to send sick students to school who can infect others.

Challenging situation

Kroghus says that the infection situation among the young people is challenging at this point.

– We do not have an overview of how many may have been affected by these outbreaks that have appeared during Easter.

He points out that they have to reckon with more cases, and knows that several close contacts already have symptoms.

– We expect more positives. Now it becomes important to test as many as possible and notify all close contacts, says Kroghus.

– Must play on teams

On Monday, it became known that a young person in Ås municipality reported 43 close contacts to the infection tracking team.

The case made the municipal superintendent there very upset, and she pointed to a trend in recent weeks where many young people have had too many close contacts.

The superior in Moss thinks it is very important to have a good collaboration with the young people now.

– We have had a pandemic for over a year, this has been challenging for young people in particular, who should actually have a social life. They have paid a high price.

Kroghus experiences that most people do the best they can, but points out that unfortunately there are some who have more close contacts than they should.

– Here it is important that we play on teams. We generally experience that the young people work well together, he concludes.

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