“Cristina ComVida”. First week of rise and fall and just one day of victory – Television

In six days of broadcasts, “Cristina ComVida” accompanied TVI viewers over the course of 30 hours. There were 5 regular broadcasts and a special, a five-hour straight last Saturday, April 3rd. The new format of the director of Entertainment and Fiction at the Queluz de Baixo station registered a victory only, on Good Friday.

On that day, a national holiday, “Cristina ComVida” was the ninth most watched program of the day, with 786 thousand viewers and 16.4% share. The series “A Bíblia”, starring Diogo Morgado and which SIC broadcast during the afternoon, was in 10th place, with 762 thousand viewers and 19% share, followed by “O Preço Certo”. The RTP1 contest was followed by 738 thousand viewers and 15.5% share.

In the remaining days, Cristina Ferreira always lost to the competition. In the average of the five days of regular broadcasts, “Cristina ComVida” was seen by 753 thousand viewers and registered 17.3% share.

The special broadcast on Saturday, April 3, broadcast from 3:00 pm to 8:00 pm did not reach the top 15 of the most viewed programs of the day. “Cristina ComVida” had an average audience of 657 thousand viewers and 17.3% share.

The series “A Bíblia”, which occupied SIC’s Saturday afternoon, was accompanied by 684 thousand viewers and registered an 18.1% share, having been in 13th place. “O Preço Certo”, by RTP1, was in 15th place, with an average audience of 663 thousand viewers and 14.8% share.

The late afternoon program at the Queluz de Baixo station did not win on its debut day and registered the best result in the second broadcast, on Tuesday, March 30. On that day, “Cristina ComVida” was seen by 861 thousand viewers and registered a 20.8% share. Even so, the program was not enough to beat SIC’s soap opera “Eta Mundo Bom”, which was accompanied by 1 million viewers and 22.2% share, but more than “Viver a Vida” (795 thousand viewers and 21 , 4% share).

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