US teacher fired for offering father money to abuse 2-year-old daughter

The primary teacher, who taught at Palm Beach Gardens, was fired, the school group said in a statement. Alexander, 27, also placed advertisements on the Internet to babysit babies and children, as a babysitter, according to police investigators.

The dismissal came hours after a report on the arrest was released on Monday.

The police document indicated that a 39-year-old father ran an ad on Craigslist [plataforma `online` que disponibiliza anúncios gratuitos] on March 26, looking for someone to share a motel room for a few days while waiting to move into a new home. The individual said in the advertisement that he had a 2-year-old daughter.

The man received messages from a stranger who asked, “Will I ever be alone with your daughter?” When he was told no, the author of the messages replied that he would go elsewhere. The father ended up contacting the police.

After reading the texts, the agents pretended to be the father and replied to the author of the messages, telling him that he could be alone with the child if he paid for two nights in the motel room.

The father and the other individual eventually agreed to meet at the motel on Thursday, and it was agreed that the man would bring $ 200.

Detectives said they arrested the man when he arrived at the door with a condom hidden in his shoe. And that he admitted to having sent the texts, saying he had a sexual addiction, but denied ever molesting a child.

The professor is being held on a million dollar bond (846,600 euros) in Palm Beach County Prison.


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