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TV Globo had access to the investigation material of the Federal Police that shows messages that would have been sent by former senator Clésio Andrade to businessman Rômulo Lessa, appointed as one of the organizers of the clandestine vaccination, which took place on March 23, in a garage buses in the Caiçara neighborhood, in the Northwest Region of Belo Horizonte.

1 of 2 Clésio Andrade (Gnews) – Photo: GloboNews Reproduction

Clésio Andrade (Gnews) – Photo: Reproduction GloboNews

The cell phone was already in the hands of the PF when the texts arrived. In them, there is information about Igor Torres, son of Cláudia Mônica Pinheiro, pointed out as the woman who vaccinated 57 people in the garage of the Lessa family. Igor would be responsible for collecting payments for immunization. A seized document shows that one of the entrepreneurs deposited R $ 1,200 in his account.

2 of 2 Son-in-law (in white shirt) and son (in gray shirt) of a false nurse arrive to testify at the headquarters of the Federal Police – Photo: Reproduction / TV Globo

Son-in-law (in white shirt) and son (in gray shirt) of a fake nurse arrive to testify at the headquarters of the Federal Police – Photo: Reproduction / TV Globo

Igor, the brother-in-law – identified as Junior, and his sister, Daniviele Torres, gave testimony this Monday (5), at the headquarters of the Federal Police. They left without speaking to the press. Igor and Junior were indicted for criminal association and counterfeiting of medicines. Cláudia Mônica had already been indicted for the same crimes.

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On Rômulo Lessa’s cell phone, the police also found a photo of an injection taken in the auditorium of Coordinadas, a company that belongs to the businessman’s family. It is similar to the one in the flu vaccine boxes, located at Cláudia’s house.

“We do not know what was applied, we do not know the origin and the consequences for health – not only those people who tried to use the economic power to have a benefit, right? They wanted, taking advantage of their economic power, to break the queue of the national immunization program ”, said the Attorney of the Republic, Carlos Henrique Dumont.

The defense of Rômulo and Robson Lessa said that he is collaborating with the investigations and tried to justify the attitude of the empires.

“Like all of us, my clients were apprehensive about the delay and uncertainties surrounding SUS vaccination, especially one of them, Rômulo, who had just undergone heart surgery and has several comorbidities. In view of this situation, he chose this path ”, said Felipe Prates.

The press officer of Clésio Andrade said that he is not aware of these messages and that he cannot comment, “because his lawyers did not have access to the case file”.

Federal Police will hear children and son-in-law of the false nurse who vaccinated businessmen

In testimony to the Police, Rômulo Lessa, owner of the transport company Saritur, confirmed that the garage was used for two days in a row to carry out clandestine vaccination.

Researchers believe that at least 40 other people have been immunized in Saritur’s garage.

“She always said that she was a nurse, that she was an instructor, but she never showed us a card,” said a woman who worked with Cláudia and who did not want to identify herself.

According to the Federal Police, the doses were applied by the false nurse Cláudia Pinheiro. Despite presenting as a health professional, she was never registered with the Nursing Council.

Also according to the woman, who worked as a caregiver for the elderly with Cláudia, it was not today that the false nurse applied blows. According to reports, she borrowed money and, when charged, made excuses for not paying the amount.

This was not the only time that Cláudia would have disappeared with the money of the others. A TV Globo found that there are several lawsuits against her in court. In one case, one of the victims claims to have lost R $ 20,000.

The woman who worked with Cláudia also reports that the information was that the false nurse was dangerous. “People said that she was kind of dangerous, that she was involved with people who were dangerous and we were afraid to even go after the money that we had to receive for that very reason. (On account) of what she was capable of doing ”, she says.

This Saturday (3), Claudia had the request for habeas corpus accepted by the Justice and was released provisionally. Her lawyer, Bruno Agostini, said that has not yet had access to investigations.

“Mrs. Cláudia is available to clarify the facts, as long as she has access to the allegations that are being brought against her,” he informed.

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