Sisu in PE: public universities offer 16,300 places in undergraduate courses | Education in Pernambuco

In Pernambuco, 16,367 places are offered by five educational institutions. Check out how the process works at each university in the state:

At the Federal University of Pernambuco (UFPE), there are 6,972 vacancies in 104 courses, 3,480 of which for wide competition and 3,492 for the Quota Law. Opportunities are for fields Recife (5,522 vacancies), Caruaru (1,020 vacancies) and Vitória de Santo Antão (430 vacancies).

The face-to-face courses in music / singing (baccalaureate), music / instrument (baccalaureate), music (licentiate), dance (licentiate) and lyrics / Brazilian Sign Language (licentiate) do not participate in this process because they are governed by a specific resolution.

The enrollment list must be made available, until May 20, on the Sisu UFPE 2021 website. Enrollment occurs, exceptionally, by remote means.

The first semester of classes is scheduled to start on September 20, 2021. The second semester should start on January 31, 2022, due to the changes caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Federal Rural University of Pernambuco (UFRPE) offers 3,840 vacancies in 64 undergraduate courses, 1,920 of which are for the quota system. The options are offered in the fields Recife, Cabo de Santo Agostinho, Serra Talhada and Belo Jardim.

In 2021, the higher education course in aquaculture begins to be offered, in the technological category, with less workload and faster training. There are 60 places, 30 for the first entry and 30 for the second.

For the year 2021, the University of Pernambuco (UPE) offers 3,480 places in 54 undergraduate courses, 1,740 of which are for admission through Sisu. The other 1,740 are for students who participated in the Serial Evaluation System (SSA).

Until Monday (5), the university had not yet set dates for the publication of the results or the enrollment of those approved.

2 of 2 Campus Recife of the Federal Institute of Pernambuco (IFPE) is in the West Zone of the capital of Pernambuco – Photo: Marina Meireles / G1

Campus Recife of the Federal Institute of Pernambuco (IFPE) is in the West Zone of the capital of Pernambuco – Photo: Marina Meireles / G1

The Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of Pernambuco (IFPE) offers 465 places in higher education courses. There are 11 course options in the fields Recife and Pesqueira.

In the capital of Pernambuco, the courses available are: systems analysis and development (34 vacancies), graphic design (40 vacancies), civil engineering (40 vacancies), mechanical engineering (35 vacancies), environmental management (40 vacancies), radiology (36 vacancies), tourism management (morning, with 40 vacancies; and night, with 40 vacancies).

The courses offered in Pesqueira are: nursing (40 vacancies), electrical engineering (40 vacancies), physics (40 vacancies) and mathematics (40 vacancies).

At the Federal University of the São Francisco Valley (Univasf), there are 1,610 vacancies in 30 undergraduate courses. Of these, 805 are intended for quota students.

The educational institution has seven fields, three of them located in Pernambuco: Campus Sede e Ciências Agrárias, located in Petrolina, and Campus Salgueiro, in the interior of the state.

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