Even with accelerated vaccination, cases of covid in the US rose 7% in the last week – International

Director of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the United States, Rochelle Walensky alerted this Monday, 5, at a press conference to the continuity of “worrying trends” of the coronavirus pandemic in the country. According to her, despite the accelerated vaccination in the country, cases of covid-19 have risen about 7% in the last seven days in relation to the average of the previous week, to an average daily rate of 64 thousand infections.

Hospitalizations have also increased, up about 3% compared to the past two weeks, but deaths have fallen to an average of 800 deaths a day.

The upsurge of the pandemic in the USA occurs despite the increasingly fast pace of vaccination against viruses in the country.

The White House task force coordinator in the pandemic fight, Andy Slavitt, reported that the average daily dose administered in the last week was 3.1 million, driven by the more than 4 million doses applied on Saturday, the first day that the US reaches the mark in just 24 hours.

In addition, Slavitt said that about a third of Americans and 40% of adults living in the country have already received at least one dose of the vaccines, while 1 in 4 adults has received two. Among the elderly, 75% were vaccinated with at least one dose, and more than 55% were fully immunized.

With most priority groups vaccinated, including the elderly, the curve of new covid-19 infections in the United States has undergone a demographic shift, according to Walensky. The head of the CDC said that cases have grown nationally among young adults.


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