Rodolffo needs fans to vote for Caio, but he can’t ask

Friends, friends, wall apart. That is the motto, although not publicly mentioned, of Rodolffo’s fans and the administrators of his social media accounts.

On Monday afternoon (05), Rodolffo’s official profile changed his orientation to the fan club. After hours asking for the elimination of Gilberto, the order became just “stay Rodolffo”. Early in the evening, Caio’s profile also changed orientation and also stopped asking “out Gil”.

Without saying, the profile suggested that, for the singer to remain in the “BBB 21”, there is no point in voting for Gil. With a very low vote, the economist is saved in this wall. For Rodolffo to stay, his fans need to vote for his friend Caio.

Here is the billiard billiard faced by the team of the country singer. If he asks for votes to eliminate Caio, Rodolffo will have a reputation for “betraying” all over Brazil. For this reason, although fans are lobbying, administrators do not openly ask for votes in the other “Bastion”.

UOL’s poll reflects this change in posture by Rodollfo’s group. The fans started to vote more for Caio, greatly reducing the difference in votes between the two friends. Judging from this poll, the dispute is still open. One of the bastions will come out, but it is no longer possible to say which one.

Who should be eliminated from the ‘BBB 21’?


Globo / João Cotta


Globo / João Cotta

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