Education Minister Defends Homeschooling in Hearing and Says Child Socialization Can Be at Church | education

Education Minister Defends Homeschooling in Hearing and Says Child Socialization Can Be at Church | education
Education Minister Defends Homeschooling in Hearing and Says Child Socialization Can Be at Church | education

Ministers Milton Ribeiro (Education) and Damares Alves (Woman, Family and Human Rights) participated in a hearing this Monday (5) promoted by the Chamber on the project of home schooling or homeschooling. The theme is a front of the Bolsonaro government, which wants the regulation of the practice in Congress until July this year.

Educators criticize the priority given to the theme at this moment in the face of the difficulties that the area has been suffering during the pandemic of the coronavirus and say that the model must be taken into account for possible losses in pedagogical and socialization issues of the child.

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Minister Milton Ribeiro emphasized at the hearing that the government project would be “an option” for those who intend to follow the model and “without mandatory” adoption. He cited experiences from other countries and said that there are socialization problems with students in homeschooling.

For Ribeiro, this part of the life of children and adolescents can be filled by environments other than school: “The family itself, clubs, libraries and even the church, why not?”.

Educators maintain that the school represents a space for different views, which would enrich the student’s thinking. Defenders say the sport represents freedom of choice for families.

Milton Ribeiro also said that the relationship between teaching only at home and the increased vulnerability of students in this context is “unreasonable”.

“Domestic violence against children has existed since the past, when homeschooling was not talked about. It is not the fact of going to regular school that frees children from domestic violence. It is another topic, another subject”.

In the view of specialists, teachers, living with students on a daily basis, are able to perceive signs given by the victims, such as behavioral changes.

Damares Alves said that fears about abuse at home with children in homeschooling regime “cannot be sustained”. Damares mentioned that she was raped as a child and said that, even enrolled in a school, sexual abuse by a family member, which lasted from 6 to 8 years old, was not prevented.

The minister also rebutted the argument that the homeschooling project meets the demands of a very small portion of the population and said that her ministry is in defense of minorities. She cited an article in the American human rights convention that parents are entitled to provide their children “receive religious and moral education that is in accordance with their own convictions.”

Vitor de Angelo, Secretary of Education of Espírito Santo and President of Consed, an entity that brings together state representatives from the area, stated at the hearing that the argument of families’ freedom of choice to define their children’s learning line does not take away the regulatory role the state of establishing parameters of life in society – which includes education.

Angelo said he has concerns about details about the competence of teachers (parents or guardians hired) in the context of homeschooling, which would create, according to the secretary, “first and second class students”.

“We will have students who will have the opportunity to learn in teaching processes mediated by professionals [mais capacitados, com mais formação] and students who will not have the same opportunity. “He questions whether there will be a requirement in the regulation for educators and educators to mediate the learning process.

Also attending the audience were Maria Helena Guimarães de Castro, president of the CNE (National Education Council), the federal deputy and author of the homeschooling project Lincoln Portela (PL-MG), the federal deputy and president of the Education Commission at the Dorinha Rezende Chamber (DEM-TO) and Márcia Aparecida Baldini, municipal director of Education in Cascavel (PR).

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