Brazilians passing through the USA get vaccinated in the shae

Brazilians passing through the USA get vaccinated in the shae
Brazilians passing through the USA get vaccinated in the shae

Brazilians who are passing through the United States, as airline employees, are taking advantage of the shae to get vaccinated against the new coronavirus. Xepa is the leftover of immunizers at the end of the day, which, if not used, should be discarded.

Aware of these leftovers, the Brazilians are waiting, waiting for the calls. This happens everywhere where vaccines against covid-19 are being applied, schools, supermarkets, pharmacies, department stores. An airplane pilot told the Blog who was in a Walmart store when he heard the call to the shepherd.

The pilot says he was impressed with the vaccination system in the United States. They asked for nothing, no documents. Even at the vaccination posts, signs are posted saying that the immigration law is not valid there. Even those who are not authorized to live in the country can get vaccinated.

For the government, more than worrying about the immigration issue at the moment, the important thing is to immunize people and contain the spread of the new coronavirus so that the economy can return to full steam – in March alone, the US created more than 900 thousand jobs.

This Monday (05/04), the US government started to vaccinate all people over 18 years old. The United States is immunizing an average of 2 million to 3 million people a day. It is 10 times more than Brazil, which, in just one day, managed to apply vaccines to 1 million people. Then, the daily average of application dropped to 200 thousand to 300 thousand.

Brazil is so late in the vaccination process against covid-19 that, in several locations, immunizations have been lacking again. In the Federal District, the immunization of people over 66 was suspended because the available immunizers ran out. It is a danger, experts say.

For epidemiologies, Brazil should have followed the example of the United States, which was concerned, from the beginning, with ensuring doses of vaccines against the coronavirus. It is estimated that that country has more than 450 million doses in excess of what it needs to immunize all its inhabitants.

Brasilia, 18h45min

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