Abandoned cargo ship operates in the Norwegian Sea – The Norwegian Coastal Administration asks the shipping company to sort it out quickly

Abandoned cargo ship operates in the Norwegian Sea – The Norwegian Coastal Administration asks the shipping company to sort it out quickly
Abandoned cargo ship operates in the Norwegian Sea – The Norwegian Coastal Administration asks the shipping company to sort it out quickly

The cargo ship that sent out an emergency signal in the Norwegian Sea on Monday drifts empty and abandoned into the sea. There is a danger that the ship will capsize and fuel may leak out.

The Dutch cargo ship Eemslift Hendrik, which has been tilted in the North Sea and has sent out an emergency signal after the cargo has shifted. Photo: Hovedredningssentralen Sør-Norge / NTB

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The Norwegian Coastal Administration informs NTB that there are 353 cubic meters of crude oil, 75 cubic meters of diesel and 10 cubic meters of lubricating oil on board the ship.

– Vessels are abandoned. The crew has been evacuated by rescue helicopter. One person is injured and taken to hospital. The Norwegian Coastal Administration and the shipping company are working on a further plan for handling the vessel, the Main Rescue Center Southern Norway informs on Twitter.

Guard operator Kjetil Hagen explains to NTB that the ship is now drifting empty and abandoned into the sea, but that there is a danger that it will capsize, which could lead to a fuel leak.

– As of now, the rescue part of the operation has ended. Now it is the shipping company’s responsibility to see if they can salvage ships and cargo. The Norwegian Coastal Administration will also follow up if there is a risk of leaks, says Hagen.

– When the captain chose to leave the ship, it was because they were afraid that the vessel could capsize. So there is an imminent danger that it will happen, says Hagen.

Want quick answers from the shipping company

The Norwegian Coastal Administration has sent an order to the shipping company and asked for a plan for further handling of the ship.

– It is now on autopilot, but it is not a situation that can last indefinitely. We ask for a plan from the shipping company, and want things to happen as soon as possible. We can not go for days with a situation that we have now, says emergency director Hans Petter Mortensholm in the Norwegian Coastal Administration to NTB.

The Coast Guard ship Sortland is on its way from Bergen to the casualty, but there is extreme weather in the area. The Coast Guard ship will in principle only be there as an observer.

– What we are primarily concerned with is that the ship should not be a danger to other ships and rigs. We are also not interested in it capsizing or sinking, as we can get a leak, says Mortensholm.

The ship is located about 60 nautical miles west of Ålesund and has a list of approximately 30 degrees.

There is now only one fishing boat in the area that keeps track of the ship.

– Our impression is that the shipping company is optimistic about the possibility of rescuing the ship, but we are also preparing for the fact that this may not happen, says Mortensholm.

Twelve on board

The cargo ship had a total of twelve people on board. Eight of the people were first picked up and transported to Ålesund Airport Vigra. Four people were left on board the vessel to stabilize the ship, but these have now been retrieved.

As the ship was out of radio coverage, the rescue service did not have regular contact with the ship.

Among other things, the ship has a new 24 meter long service ship on its way to AQS AS in Kolvereid in Trøndelag, writes VG. The ship has a value of NOK 66 million.

The load must be intact

Technical manager Kristian Hjertvik in the company has been in contact with the company they bought the boat through, Moen Marin.

– What has happened is that thrusters, which have been transported under deck, have loosened and shifted so that the ship has a list and taken in water, he says to VG.

He further says that the information he is sitting on is that the tire load is undamaged and intact.

Published: Published: April 5, 2021 10:22 PM

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