US pledges more international aid with covid vaccines

US pledges more international aid with covid vaccines
US pledges more international aid with covid vaccines

Washington may soon increase aid in the field of vaccines against covid-19 abroad and will not seek “favors in return”, said on Monday (5) the head of US diplomacy, Antony Blinken, who put a veteran administrator. in charge of that task.

Blinken said his country’s top priority was to fight covid-19 at home, but that President Joe Biden’s goal of offering a vaccine to 90% of Americans would be achieved soon.

“We are exploring options to share more with other countries in the future. We believe that we will be in a position to do much more on this front, ”said Blinken.

“By helping to end one of the most deadly pandemics in human history, we can show the world once again what American leadership and ingenuity can do,” he added.

Recognizing the “growing desperation” in some parts of the world, Blinken said, “I promise that we are moving as quickly as possible.”

The Secretary of State appointed Gayle Smith, who headed the United States Agency for International Development during the term of former President Barack Obama, to a new position as coordinator for the global response to covid and health security.

Smith recently led ONE, a campaign against extreme poverty supported by music star Bono.

“We will not exchange vaccines for political favors. It is about saving lives, ”said Blinken, in veiled criticism of China and Russia.

“We will treat our partner countries with respect. We will not make exaggerated promises without delivering, ”he said, and promised that he would only distribute vaccines“ with proven safety and efficacy ”.

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