US declares willing to review sanctions against Iran – International

The United States declared on Monday that it is ready to review the main sanctions imposed on Iran if it complies with the agreement involving its nuclear program, before indirect talks led by the European Union to save the document, signed by Teer and major powers in 2015.

The US State Department has confirmed that Rob Malley, who is responsible for the Iran appointed by the Joe Biden government, will travel to Vienna to lead the American delegation, but that he did not expect to meet with his Iranian counterpart.

The meetings, which begin this Tuesday, aim to break the current blockade between Washington and Teer. Biden supports the return to the 2015 agreement, but insists that the Iran again accept the measures then agreed, which began to breach after the sanctions imposed by former American President Donald Trump when he withdrew the country from the pact.

“It cannot be denied that we are addressing this as a matter of urgency,” said State Department spokesman Ned Price, reiterating that the United States is willing to study the lifting of sanctions, but only those related to the nuclear issue. “The original formulation that remains: the limited lifting of nuclear sanctions in exchange for permanent and verifiable limits to Iran’s nuclear program,” he said, referring to the text of the agreement.

Successive American governments imposed other sanctions on Iran, which also angered the country’s leaders, but Washington did not put them on the table in nuclear talks. According to the Brother, the meeting of the so-called 4 + 1 countries intends to “discuss the way of lifting the sanctions. The agenda of the joint commission to produce results will depend on the Europeans and the 4 + 1 reminding the United States of their obligations, and on that the Americans act according to their commitments “, said in Teer the spokesman of the Iranian chancellery, Saeed Khatibzadeh.

The European Union reported that its mediator will have “separate contacts” with the United States in Vienna.


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