U.S. labor regulator supports dismissed Amazon activist workers

U.S. labor regulator supports dismissed Amazon activist workers
U.S. labor regulator supports dismissed Amazon activist workers

The council that regulates labor relations in the United States aligned itself on Monday (5) with two former Amazon employees who claim to have been unduly fired after demanding greater protection for their employees and the environment.

The National Council for Labor Relations (NLRB) said it found merit in the claims of employees – Emily Cunningham and Maren Costa – fired last year by Amazon, after openly criticizing the company.

Costa posted a message on Twitter that included a link to an article in The New York Times on the subject.

The NLRB confirmed the information to AFP and said that its director will file a complaint for unfair labor practices against Amazon if the company does not resolve the issue with Cunningham and Costa, who worked as designers at Seattle headquarters before being fired a year ago.

Both were part of a group called Amazon Employees for Climate Justice.

On her Twitter profile, Cunningham describes herself as a founding member of the group who was “fired for warning about the climate and the covid-19”.

Amazon questioned the employees’ version of the facts.

“We support the right of every employee to criticize their employer’s working conditions, but that does not mean absolute immunity against our internal policies, which are all legal,” Amazon said in a statement to AFP.

“We did not fire these employees for publicly talking about working conditions, safety or sustainability, but for repeatedly violating internal policies” of the company.

Meanwhile, employees at Amazon’s Alabama warehouse count the votes to determine whether to create the e-commerce giant’s first union.

The investigation, which began last Tuesday, takes place behind closed doors and is supervised by the NLRB.

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