Ethics Council postpones analysis of Eduardo Bolsonaro’s statement on AI-5; rapporteur wants filing | Politics

The deputy, son of President Jair Bolsonaro, said in an interview on the YouTube channel of journalist Leda Nagle, in October 2019, that if the left “radicalized” in Brazil, one of the government’s responses could be “via a new AI -5 ”.

Eduardo gave the statement when talking about the street protests that were taking place at the time in Latin American countries, such as Chile.

Rapporteur of the case, deputy Igor Timo (Pode-MG) voted for the filing, as he understands that there is no just cause for the continuity of the process (read more below).

Eduardo Bolsonaro’s declaration on AI-5 has more repercussions

Institutional Act 5 (AI-5) was issued on December 13, 1968, during the government of Costa e Silva, a general who ruled Brazil during the military dictatorship (1964-1985).

AI-5 is considered one of the acts of greatest repressive power taken during the dictatorship, as it resulted in the impeachment of political mandates and suspension of constitutional guarantees.

Eduardo Bolsonaro’s statements gave rise to two representations on the Ethics Council, filed by PSOL, Rede, PT and PCdoB. The parties claimed there was an affront to parliamentary decorum and called for the loss of Eduardo’s mandate. The two actions are pending together.

In his defense, the deputy stated that he did not incite disrespect to the Constitution.

“In no way did I do half or 10% of what they accuse me of in this process. I did not break parliamentary decorum and in no way did I incite any kind of contradiction to constitutional norms, ”he said.

In his opinion, the rapporteur pointed out that the AI-5 was in effect “an obscure time”, but he voted for the filing because he understood that there was no just cause for the continuity of the processes.

The deputy said that although he disagrees with Eduardo’s speech, the declaration does not constitute “serious irregularity in the performance of his mandate”

“Although the authorship and materiality of the facts declined are demonstrated, the conduct described does not give rise to affront to parliamentary decorum, as these are atypical facts”, said deputy Igor Timo (Pode-MG).

“In the absence of just cause, the process must be terminated,” said the rapporteur.

In view of the favorable report to the filing, Congresswoman Fernanda Melchionna (PSOL-RS) asked for a view and was accompanied by other opposition MPs.

“We cannot conceive that whoever has sworn to defend the Constitution will tear up the Constitution,” he said.

PSOL has already filed a request for suspicion from the rapporteur, alleging conflict of interest, due to an alleged relationship between Timo and the Bolsonaro family.

In the request, the party cites a video recorded by the congressman alongside President Jair Bolsonaro in which he appreciates the release of funds for his state.

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