Health, Volunteering | An Easter on a regular basis for the Red Cross, but one place stood out

Hedmark Red Cross Auxiliary Corps has treated 44 patients during Easter, in addition to assisting with 16 off-road pick-up assignments.

Wednesday before Maundy Thursday, the relief corps in Østerdalen were notified of an avalanche at Høvringen in Sel municipality in the Inland. Ski tracks into the avalanche were also reported.

Case of illness in a cabin

However, the action was quickly called off when the air ambulance found that it was an old landslide, and that the ski tracks that went into the landslide also went out of it.

Several were ready to stand, but only crews from the Tynset Red Cross managed to move out. They are part of Skredgruppa Innlandet.

Stor-Elvdal Red Cross Auxiliary Corps assisted during the Easter holidays AMK and the ambulance service in the event of an illness in a cabin, while Brøttum Red Cross assisted the fire service in a fire on Sjusjøen on Friday night.

However, the public holidays became busier than the first half of Easter, and from Maundy Thursday to the evening of the first day of Easter, the relief corps treated 32 patients. Ten of these needed transport to the road by either snowmobile or ATV.

No incidents in the south

– Most incidents are concentrated in Midt-Hedmark with Sjusjøen and Budor, while in the southern county no incidents have been registered at all, the Red Cross writes in a press release.

During Easter, there have been 24-hour manned guard stations at Sjusjøen, Ljøsheim, Budor and Lauvlia. In addition, security crews on increased alert have been ready to move out of their own homes and cabins. Exits and Red Cross premises have also been staffed.

70 people have been on duty, of which 20 have been on duty stations in the mountains.

– Compared to previous “normal years”, this Easter ended completely on average in terms of the number of assignments and the number of patients treated. However, there have been no exploration operations in Hedmark this year. There has been a medium to large outing in large parts of Hedmark during the Easter holidays and it can be seen that the outing and the amount of damage follow the fine weather, the Red Cross writes in a press release.

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