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The production line for the Airbus A220 will soon be expanded at Mirabel, Canada. A part of the old CRJs factory will be used to meet the high demand for the jet that once belonged to Bombardier.

The last CRJ aircraft was delivered to the American airline Delta Airlines in February this year, since then MHI, the Mitsubishi division that purchased the project, has not worked on the manufacture of this aircraft, originally developed by Bombardier.

“This is a substantial investment”, Florent Massou, head of the Airbus A220 program, told Le Journal de Montreal.

In this way, the production hangars of the CRJ will accelerate the manufacture of components for the A220 family, optimizing the production time of each aircraft, and increasing the delivery rate of new planes in Mirabel, Canada, and in Mobile, in the USA. , where Airbus has a 2nd assembly line.

The new space has a total of 9290 m², and the component production facility, located next to the final assembly site for the Airbus A220, is expected to come on stream in 2022.

A220 production line in Mirabel.

The pre-assembly line is the main element of Airbus’ plan to make the A220 a profitable program. In the last announcement of financial results, the company stressed that it needed to make the most of the productive capacity of the A220 facilities, one of the points was to increase the aircraft’s production rate.

“It is an essential element to increase the pace. The ramp-up will allow us to be more efficient and, therefore, reduce costs ”, Mass.

Airbus currently produces between three to four A220 planes per month at Mirabel. Ultimately, the company plans to build 14 a month, or 168 a year, at its factories in Mirabel and Mobile, which currently produce eight A220 planes a month.

Altogether, the A220 program has 629 firm orders, and 148 planes have been produced to date.

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