USA. Half of the Republicans believe false reports about the attack on the Capitol

Former President of the United States Donald Trump and several Republican allies have insisted on false and misleading reports about the attack on the Capitol, which took place on January 6, with the aim of minimizing the incident that resulted in the death of five people and in dozens of wounded. About half of the Republicans believe the attack was largely a non-violent protest, or it was the work of left-wing activists who tried to make Trump a “bad figure”, according to a new Reuters / Ipsos poll.

Three months after a crowd of pro-Trump supporters stormed the Washington-based building to try to nullify his defeat in the November 2020 elections, six out of 10 Republicans believe Trump’s claim that the presidential elections were “stolen from him” “due to widespread electoral fraud. The same proportion of Republicans believes that the ex-ruler should run again in 2024, the survey reveals.

Since the attack on the Capitol, the ex-President, many allies within the Republican Party and several right-wing personalities have painted the events of January 6 in a different way, which clashes with reality. In a recent interview with Fox News, for example, Donald Trump said the protesters did not pose a threat.

The Reuters / Ipsos poll also shows that while 59% of Americans say Trump has some responsibility for the attack, only three out of 10 Republicans agree with the same statement. In addition, eight out of 10 Democrats and six out of 10 independents reject false claims that the Capitol invasion was “mostly peaceful” or was staged by leftist protesters.

On January 6, when the US Congress certified the electoral votes that gave Joe Biden the victory, hundreds of Trump supporters, mobilized by the former President’s false claims that the election had been stolen, invaded the Capitol, leaving windows to get in. Many protesters used props from the Trump campaign, and some of them were part of supremacist groups, such as the ‘Proud Boys’.

Last Friday, the Capitol suffered another attack: one police officer died after being hit and stabbed, another was seriously injured. Joe Biden said he was “devastated” by what happened. “We know how difficult times are for the Capitol, for all those who work there and for those who protect it”, he also lamented.

According to the Washington police chief, a driver ran over two officers with his car before he hit a security barrier. “At that moment, the suspect got out of the car with a knife in his hand and started walking towards the Capitol police,” said Yogananda Pittman.

The Reuters / Ipsos survey was conducted online, in English, across the United States. It collected responses from 1005 adults between 30 and 31 March.

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