US swaps AstraZeneca for J&J at factory that wasted doses of vaccine

US swaps AstraZeneca for J&J at factory that wasted doses of vaccine
US swaps AstraZeneca for J&J at factory that wasted doses of vaccine

With the endorsement of the President of the United States, Joe Biden, the American government determined a significant exchange in the vaccine manufacturing unit against Covid-19 belonging to Emergent BioSolutions. Located in Baltimore, the factory was the scene of a serious error in March, when the subcontracted company mixed ingredients from the Janssen and Oxford / AstraZeneca immunizers, which resulted in the disposal of 15 million doses. Now, this error will not happen again. The country determined that the Johnson & Johnson, owner of the pharmaceutical company Janssen, takes “total responsibility” for the factory’s facilities, causing the production of the British pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca, which still has no agreement to distribute the antigen in the USA, to be moved to another environment.

The American government does not assume that the excessive disposal of doses may have delayed the schedule of vaccination in the country, where more than 100 million people have already been immunized, but did not hide their discomfort with what happened. The Biden administration’s Department of Health and Human Services facilitated the change in factory management. Johnson & Johnson will now install a new management team to take over production and fabrication at the plant and will have full responsibility for operations, production and fabrication on site. In addition, the case poses yet another barrier for AstraZeneca, which finds obstacles to try to distribute its immunizer against Covid-19 to the country.

In a statement, Emergent acknowledged the error at the plant, although it said it was a case isolated. “Disposal of a batch of a bulk substance, although disappointing, is something that occasionally occurs during the manufacture of the vaccine, which is a complex and complex biological process. various steps, ”said the company.

Johnson & Johnson expects to deliver nearly 100 million doses of its Covid-19 vaccine to the U.S. government by the end of May. Among the companies authorized to distribute immunizers against the disease in the country, the company, until now, is the one that least delivered immunizers, after Pfizer and Moderna, which reached their goals for the first quarter, with the distribution of 120 million doses and 100 million doses, respectively. As it requires only one application, the Johnson & Johnson antigen is seen as crucial to vaccinating, above all, American citizens who live in areas further away from large urban centers.

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