US restaurant stolen and owner offers job to attacker

A restaurant owner in Georgia, in the United States, surprised the intruder at his establishment by offering him a job opening. According to The Augusta Chronicle, a man broke into the property breaking the glass in front of him with the brick and tried to escape with the empty cash register, since the money was kept in a safe.

In a Facebook post, Carl Wallace, the restaurant owner, reported the case and made a request to the attacker: “for the alleged thief who is clearly struggling with life decisions or having financial problems, please drop by for an application There are better opportunities out there than the path you have chosen. ”

In the message, the businessman still leaves his personal phone and adds: “No police, no questions. Let’s sit down and talk about how we can help you and fix the path you’re on.”

The offer went viral on social media and the local publication Wallace explained the decision:

I can’t save the world, but maybe I can make a change in a person’s life. If they are willing to do better, then I am willing to be there for them. The police catch him and he goes back to the street a few days later and that person’s life has not been fixed.

After the repercussion, Wallace shared a message on Facebook saying he was “speechless” by the proportion that the case took and added: “Love, kindness and forgiveness will always be a better solution than hatred.”


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