Asks people on Easter holidays to postpone their journey home – VG

Asks people on Easter holidays to postpone their journey home – VG
Asks people on Easter holidays to postpone their journey home – VG

A number of mountain passes between west and east in southern Norway are closed due to bad weather. Veitrafikksentralen asks people to postpone the journey home if they can.

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On Monday, the second day of Easter, several mountain passes in southern Norway are closed. VG follows the situation throughout the day.

E134 over Haukelifjellet opened at 6 pm on Monday night.

In addition, there is column driving over Filefjell, Hemsedalsfjellet and Aurland-Hol.

– For those who do not absolutely have to go home on Monday, better weather is reported on Tuesday. Therefore, we encourage you to postpone the journey home by one day, says traffic operator Christofa Key-Nilsen at Veitrafikksentralen east to NTB.

To VG, traffic operator Jeanette Andresen in the Norwegian Public Roads Administration says that people must make the decision themselves:

– But if you have to go out and drive, the alternative is often a long waiting time and column driving, she says.

Several closed transitions

This is the status on Monday at 18.30:

  • E16 Filefjell: Column. Waiting time is between one and two hours.
  • E134 Haukeli: Open
  • Highway 7 Hardangervidda: Closed – will not be opened on Monday
  • Highway 13 Vikafjell: Closed
  • Highway 15 Strynefjell: Closed
  • Highway 52 Hemsedal: Column. Waiting time is about four hours.
  • Fylkesvei 50 Aurland-Hol: Column
  • Fylkesvei 53 Årdal-Tyin: Closed
  • Fylkesvei 60 Strandafjellet: Open
  • Fylkesvei 55 between Rustadseter boom and Sognefjellshytta: Closed until new assessment on Wednesday.
  • Fylkesvei 613 Gaularfjellet: Closed

In Finnmark, there is column traffic on the E69 between Skarsvåg and Nordkapp due to bad weather.

Expect storms until around Tuesday

Based on the weather forecasts we have available, it does not appear that there will be any change beyond the evening, says traffic operator Idar Sangolt to VG at 16 o’clock.

– But it obviously depends on whether the forecasts come true, says Sangolt.

Veitrafikksentralen vest stated earlier Monday that the roads with this weather will remain more or less as they are now.

The Norwegian Meteorological Institute has a number of danger warnings related to the weather on (see overview).

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration will continuously look at the situation in the mountains and open the roads when it is safe to drive again.

– The most important thing is that people get home unscathed. My best tip for road users is to follow our road reports, said traffic operator Gaute Losnegård on Monday morning.

Are you out in the Easter traffic? Tips VG’s journalists here.

Closed at night

A number of county roads in Western Norway will also be closed from 8 pm tonight due to the risk of landslides.

  • Fylkesvei 5722 Sunde – Flo
  • Fylkesvei 5723 Loen – Kjenndalen
  • Fylkesvei 5724 Olden – Briksdal
  • Fylkesvei 5744 Fossebakken – Flo
  • Fylkesvei 5720 Hjelle

For these four roads, a new assessment will be made on Tuesday morning at 8 o’clock.

Advice from the police: Can you stop driving – do it

The police in the West have so far only been able to report a couple of minor accidents in the morning, but there are several reports of slippery roads in the district, says operations manager Steinar Hausvik in the West police district.

– It is a snow-covered road and I hope the plow crews do a good job and that road users pay attention. If you have the opportunity to stop driving, I would recommend it, but those who have to go home must of course get home. Then it is important to be careful, show consideration and make independent assessments.

Now he hopes the police will not have to rush out to traffic accidents during Monday.

CLOSED: Highway 7, here at the Leiro barrier between Vøringsfossen and Dyranut, is closed. The road will not be opened during Monday. Photo: Norwegian Public Roads Administration

Operations Manager Irene Ragnhildstveit in the South-West police district reports snowfall in the district – also in the larger cities.

– It creates challenges. I do not know how many have already come down from the mountain, but those who are going home today must of course drive according to the conditions and take the necessary precautions.

At 07:00 on Monday, the police have moved out to a bus that is across Sandnes. It must be removed by tow truck – and other vehicles are stopped by the police so that more do not get stuck, the police write on Twitter.

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