Suspected Bolsonaros link to US security firm

Suspected Bolsonaros link to US security firm
Suspected Bolsonaros link to US security firm
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The reason for the huge interest of the Bolsonaros in armaments begins to become clear

A new list of questions appears that must be answered by Jair Bolsonaro and his children:

1) Why did an American company, linked to supporters of Donald Trump, change from advertising to public security and set up in Brazil in January 2019, Bolsonaro’s first month in the presidency?

2) What did the Brazilian representative of this company talk to federal deputy Eduardo Bolsonaro (PSL-SP) in early 2020, at a meeting in the Chamber of Deputies?

3) After the meeting, how did this company manage, even though it was so new in the country, a series of millionaire contracts with the federal government?

4) Why were both the owner of this company and Eduardo Bolsonaro in Washington on the eve of the invasion of the United States Congress, in January this year?

These are some of the questions that arise with the reading of an article published this Monday (5th) by Folha de S. Paulo. The newspaper discovered the strange links between the Bolsonaro family – which ignores the Covid-19 vaccine but is obsessed with weapons – and Combat Armor Defense, a company owned by Daniel Beck, a militant supporter of Donald Trump.

Folha tells us that in January 2019, shortly after Bolsonaro took office, Beck changed the corporate purpose of his company in the U.S., which ceased to provide advertising services and turned to the security area in Brazil. “Thus, Combat Armor Defense emerged, which today operates with armor and vehicle sales and has already signed a few million reais in contracts with the federal government. Among the clients are the Federal Highway Police and the Ministry of Defense ”, informs the newspaper.

The millionaire contracts came after a meeting between Eduardo Bolsonaro and the company’s administrator in Brazil, Maurício Junot de Maria, who confirmed the meeting to the newspaper. According to the report, he went to the Chamber and “asked for support” for the son of Jair Bolsonaro.

The certainty that the business would be profitable was, apparently, great. Also according to Folha, in March 2019, Combat Armor started building a factory in Vinhedo (SP). Today, it has already created a branch in Rio de Janeiro and has superintendencies focused on Paraná, Espírito Santo and the Northeast Region.

Contract with PRF and Ministry of Defense

Among the deals obtained, to the amazement of companies that have been operating for a long time in the sector, there are three contracts of R $ 8.3 million to arm vehicles of the Federal Highway Police; the supply of an armored vehicle to the Ministry of Defense, in the amount of R $ 273 thousand; and another for the sale of armored vehicles to the Military Police of Rio de Janeiro, in the amount of R $ 9 million.

As if this story was not strange enough, the report also points out that Daniel Beck, the creator of Combat Armor, gained prominence after going viral on social media a video in which he claimed to have met with Rudolph Giuliani, Trump’s lawyer, and with businessman Michael Lindell, adviser to the former president, on the eve of the attack on the Capitol.

“In another recording, on the day of the invasion, Lindell mentioned having met with ‘the son of the President of Brazil’ the night before. Eduardo was in Washington at that time ”, informs the newspaper. Folha gave Eduardo Bolsonaro the opportunity to explain the story. But what did the president’s son do? It was denied. “Eduardo did not answer the questions sent by the report to his office,” says the report.

From the Newsroom, with information from Folha de S. Paulo

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