– People are really cursed

Former Oslo mayor Fabian Stang loves cycling in the streets of Oslo. Every year he walks 12,000 kilometers around the tiger city.

But on Monday he got enough. Enough of the fact that the very controversial cycle path at Frogner is being built to displace ordinary traffic.

– People want to live here and use the car, but then cycle paths are pushed forward that are completely unnecessary. Here everything works perfectly. There is room for cycling, walking, driving and parking, but then millions of kroner are spent on cycle paths. I get angry, says Stang to TV 2.

Assess the legality

The neighbors at Frogner are strongly against the cycle path. The future Frogner Welfare Association has sent a request to the State Administrator in Oslo and Viken to assess the legality of Oslo Municipality’s construction of a cycle path.

Neighbors and residents in the area have for a long time expressed their opposition to the work on the bike path. Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB

When the plans for the bike path were put on the table, Stang was clear that he would chain himself if these plans came to fruition.

Now he keeps his word.

– I am not a good professional demonstrator, so I have struggled a lot with how to do this. But I have made some links, says Stang and pulls out thick, colorful Christmas links from his bicycle basket.

– Trumped through

The former mayor believes it is high time that someone speaks clearly.

– The biggest problem is the economy, that this costs millions of kroner, but there are also diesel trucks and machines that destroy the environment. But the worst thing is that people are angry. They’re really cursed. That a party, I will not name names, can trump through this is absolutely incredible, says Stang and calls it a form of fanaticism.

PROTEST: Fabian Stang’s Easter protest against a cycle path in one of Oslo’s finest streets. Photo: Goran Jorganovich / TV 2

– As an old right-winger, is it not civil disobedience we are just thinking about with you?

– I was never in Alta, so to speak. But in between we have to say clearly from.

– What do you want to achieve with this protest?

– That other streets in Oslo can live on and not be destroyed like this. I think people should be allowed to live in Oslo. They should be allowed to walk, cycle, take the tram or bus. Mmen also use their car inside in between if they need it, this applies to both the elderly, families with children or we who in between are going to the cabin, says Stang.

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