Asks people to postpone the journey home after major problems in the Easter traffic

Asks people to postpone the journey home after major problems in the Easter traffic
Asks people to postpone the journey home after major problems in the Easter traffic
It is closed or column driving at most mountain passes in southern Norway.

At 5 pm on the second day of Easter, there is column driving on the E16 over Filefjell, with a 2-3 hour waiting time, and on national road 52 over Hemsedal, there is a four-hour waiting time from the east.

There is also column driving on county road 50 Aurland – Hol and E134 Haukelifjell.

Highway 7 over Hardangervidda and county road 53 Årdal – Tyin are both closed and will not reopen on Monday. Highway 13 over Vikafjellet is also closed.

– Postpone the journey home

After the Easter holidays, many people have to prepare for the red action level in schools and kindergartens due to increased corona infection.

– For those who do not absolutely have to go home on Monday, better weather is reported on Tuesday. Therefore, we encourage you to postpone the journey home by one day, says traffic operator Christofa Key-Nilsen at Vegtrafikksentralen Øst to NTB.

– But you have to go home so make sure that the car has more than enough electricity or fuel. It is also a good idea to bring extra clothes and food if the column drive takes time. Otherwise, it is important to follow the column, she adds.

Closed to the North Cape

According to Vegtrafikksentralen øst on Twitter, national road 15 over Strynefjellet is also closed due to the risk of landslides. There are bad weather forecasts for the next 24 hours, and it will therefore be kept closed until further notice.

At nine o’clock on Monday, Vegtrafikksentralen stated that county road 55 Rustasætre barrier – Sognefjellshytta, on the section Sognefjellet, is also closed due to bad weather. Here, a new assessment will not be made until Wednesday.

Fylkesvei 27 over Venabygdsfjellet is also closed due to bad weather, and a new assessment will be made here on Tuesday morning.

In Central Norway, Tydalsfjellet between Stuggudal in Tydal and Brekken in Røros is closed. In northern Norway, the E69 Skarsvåg – Nordkapp in Troms and Finnmark counties is closed due to the storm.

Safe: Be prepared

The insurance company Tryg asks those who have to cross the mountain to check the car properly.

– The plow crew can reject road users they think may have problems in a column, so at least make sure that the car is well shod for winter driving, says Torbjørn Brandeggen, communications consultant at Tryg Forsikring.

– Many are also unprepared for a long wait, you can stay for several hours and maybe even longer, Brandeggen says.

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