Prosecutor is arrested on suspicion of killing his wife in BH; couple had 5 children

Prosecutor is arrested on suspicion of killing his wife in BH; couple had 5 children
Prosecutor is arrested on suspicion of killing his wife in BH; couple had 5 children
Prosecutor André Luís Garcia de Pinho is suspected of killing his wife, Lorenza Maria Silva de Pinho, 41, on Friday (2), in the Buritis neighborhood in Belo Horizonte. The circumstances of the death are being investigated by the Civil Police.

André Luís was heard this morning at a custody hearing that, according to Robson Lucas, a defense lawyer, addressed temporary arrest warrants and search and seizure warrants. The couple’s apartment was subject to due diligence by justice and public security agencies yesterday morning. The couple had five children.

In a note, the MPMG (Public Prosecutor’s Office of Minas Gerais) said today that it will not pass updates on the case because it is under secrecy. Yesterday, the MPMG released a joint note with the Civil Police, saying that “through the Office of Security and Intelligence (GSI) and the Support Center for Criminal Prosecutors (Caocrim), and together with the Civil and Military Police, carried out due diligence this Sunday morning following up on the investigations related to the events that occurred on Friday, involving the death of Mrs. Lorenza Maria Silva de Pinho, wife of the prosecutor André Luís Garcia de Pinho “.

The Civil Police, on the other hand, said in a note released over the weekend that the necropsy exams were completed as early as Saturday morning at the Dr. André Roquette Medical-Legal Institute (IMLar).

“All elements of the investigation are being shared with the MPMG”, says the content of the note.

The report sought the PC again today, but the corporation’s adviser indicated the case will be dealt with in the press only through the Public Ministry.

The prosecutor, who is suspicious in the case, changed his defense attorney moments before being heard at the custody hearing. “I was going to do [a audiência], but at the beginning he informed me that he preferred to ask a friend of his to start taking care of the case “, said the lawyer Sérgio Leonardo.

The new defense lawyer, Robson Lucas, clarified to the Twitter that your work will be based on what the IML reports will say. “What we are questioning is that there is no expert evidence that proves the existence of a crime. So we are waiting for the conclusion and availability of the report and the toxicological examination carried out by the IML to assess what the defense measures will be,” says Robson.

Details of how the victim’s body was or the cause of death were not released. The report tried to locate a relative of the victim, but so far has been unable to contact him.

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