Amazon acknowledges that drivers urinate in bottles and apologizes to US deputy | Technology

“We know that drivers may have problems, and have, to find restrooms because of traffic and sometimes because they are on rural routes, and this has happened even more during Covid-19, because many public restrooms have been closed,” said company in a blog post.

The admission came a week after Democrat Pocan criticized Amazon’s working conditions, saying in a tweet: “Paying $ 15 an hour to workers doesn’t make it a ‘progressive work environment’ if you try to undermine unions and force workers urinating in bottles ”.

Amazon initially denied the claim, saying in a tweet: “You didn’t really believe in the bottle urination business, did you? If that were true, no one would work for us ”. But then he backed away.

“It was a goal against and we are dissatisfied with it. We owe apologies to Mr Pocan, ”said Amazon, on his blog.

The company added that the previous answer referred only to employees at its warehouses and service centers.

The company said the problem is widespread in the industry and that it would seek solutions, without specifying what they might be.

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