Works with helicopters to help cargo ships that have been tilted in the Norwegian Sea –

– The situation appears to be unchanged. We have a helicopter by the casualty and a helicopter on its way out with bilge pumps, which they can use to drain water, says Oddgeir Andersen in Hovedredningssentralen Sør-Norge to NTB at 15.30 on Monday.

The ship is located about 60 nautical miles west of Ålesund and the ship has a list of about 30 degrees.

Twelve on board

The cargo ship had a total of twelve people on board. Eight of the people have been picked up and transported to Ålesund Airport Vigra. Four people are left on board the vessel to stabilize the ship.

– It is up to the captain what he considers them to do. Things can happen very quickly. We are waiting for what he says, said Torgeir Espeland in the Main Rescue Center Southern Norway just after 12 o’clock on Monday.

He said that since the ship was out of radio coverage, they have not had regular contact with the ship.

Among other things, the ship has a new 24 meter long service ship on its way to AQS AS in Kolvereid in Trøndelag, writes VG. The ship has a value of NOK 66 million.

The load must be intact

Technical manager Kristian Hjertvik in the company has been in contact with the company they bought the boat through, Moen Marin.
– What has happened is that thrusters, which have been transported under deck, have loosened and shifted so that the ship has a list and taken in water, he says to VG.

He further says that the information he is sitting on is that the tire load is undamaged and intact.


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