– People who have become optimistic will probably get a reality check now

– People who have become optimistic will probably get a reality check now
– People who have become optimistic will probably get a reality check now
Easter gave many a long-awaited taste of summer, especially in southern Norway. There was a lot of sun and blue skies, and warm enough to go hiking only wearing a t-shirt.

For those who thought the winter was finally over, however, the meteorologist has disappointing news.

– People who have become optimistic during Easter, will probably get a small reality check now. The spring in Norway is characterized by violent extremes, and now it is turning around again, says on-duty meteorologist Ina Ynnesdal.

PLOWING: A number of places in Western Norway had to be plowed on Monday morning. Photo: Frode Sunde / TV 2

Typical spring chaos

Monday morning, the people of Bergen woke up to a pile of snow on the door frame. And there is little indication that it will turn around and be fine weather again at first.

– Spring was here for a few days and then suddenly winter came back. It is actually typical spring weather, says Ynnesdal.

Both Monday and Tuesday, there will be large amounts of snow and sleet in the areas Møre og Romsdal, Trøndelag and Nordfjord.

– There has been a lot of snow already and can quickly reach up to half a meter more today, the meteorologist says.

In Møre og Romsdal, scattered thunderstorms and very strong winds have also been reported. On Tuesday morning, the wind picks up in Western Norway for a small storm.

South of the Sognefjord it looks a little better. There are reported showers on Monday and Tuesday, but also periods of sunshine.

Southern and Eastern Norway are even luckier and will be sheltered.

– There will mostly be stays and periods of sunshine at the beginning of the week. There may be some snow showers in the west of the Inland, but the parts of the country largely escape most of the precipitation, she says.

Troubled mountain passes

A strong northwest wind creates trouble at the mountain passes in southern Norway at the beginning of the week.

– It creates challenges for the Easter tourists in the mountains who are going home. It is important to drive according to the conditions or postpone the journey home. The question is how long you can postpone, because it does not seem to improve right away, says the meteorologist.

Ynnesdal encourages everyone who has to cross the mountain to follow the traffic reports.

– Although it may be nice when you leave Geilo, it can be bad weather when you drive over the mountain. Be prepared to wait, and pack warm clothes and enough food, she says.

Lots of weather

On Wednesday, northerly winds and showers are still reported in large parts of southern Norway, but it will be experienced a little less intensely. On Thursday, however, the wind picks up again, at the same time as a new low pressure comes in over the country.

– Then it will be gray and wet again, but the precipitation comes instead mostly as rain, says Ynnesdal.

There will be winds up to stiff gales in Western Norway, Southern Norway and eventually also Eastern Norway.

The low pressure will remain and will characterize the weekend, and will give gray and changing weather conditions in southern Norway.

Temperatures will also remain fairly low throughout the week.

– It is not a nice, spring high pressure in sight. This will simply be a week with a lot of weather for the whole country, says the meteorologist.

– Not wonderfully nice

Northern Norway gets the fairest weather throughout the week, but northerners do not escape either.

– It will not be fantastic here either, but compared to the weather in the south, it will be fine, says the meteorologist.

Monday and Tuesday offer changing weather. There will be some sleet and snow showers, but not much wind. Nordland and Troms can, however, experience winds up to stiff and strong gales.

In Finnmark, the weather will be a little calmer and occasional stays.

Throughout Wednesday and Thursday, the showers calm down, and will provide great late nice weather in the north.

Opportunities for sun

– On Thursday, the showers will be limited to the coast of Nordland and Troms and decrease throughout the day. From Thursday until Friday, there will be pleasant weather and opportunities for some sun, says Ynnesdal.

This weekend it is not easy to predict anything for sure, but the meteorologist believes that there may be some showers in the northern and western parts of northern Norway.

– It will be a little changing weather, but probably northern Norway will escape the worst weather. In terms of temperature, there will not be the big changes. It alternates between a couple of minus and a couple of plus degrees in Bodø and Tromsø. In the inner regions and on the Finnmark plateau, the temperature is lower, she says.

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