Man seduced women on social media and ended up deceiving and assaulting them

The Judiciary Police (PJ) detained a 55-year-old man, suspected of the crimes of qualified fraud and domestic violence, in the context of a police operation called ‘Imperfect Loves’ and carried out this Monday.

In a statement, the PJ reveals that this police action, in the context of an inquiry conducted by the Public Ministry of Beja, “consisted of the simultaneous carrying out of several searches, at homes and vehicles, in the region of Lisbon and Mértola” and in the arrest of the suspect, “in compliance with arrest warrants issued by the Judicial Authority”.

According to the official, the man will have seduced, personally and through social networks, several women, “with promises of affective commitment”. After gaining the victims’ trust, “the defendant carried out deceptive actions, leading them to hand over material and patrimonial goods to him and subsequently subjecting them to serious bodily harm”.

In home searches, two firearms and a replica, white weapons, three fake driving licenses, three vehicles, two of which were high-end, and a high monetary value, in cash, were seized.

The detainee, with a police record for crimes of qualified fraud and theft, will be present, in the Court of Beja, for first judicial interrogation and application of coercive measures considered appropriate.

The PJ also informs that the investigations are continuing. The operation carried out today, through the Southern Directorate, had the collaboration of the Lisbon and Vale do Tejo Directorate and the GNR Intervention Unit

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