See the testimony of Dr. Jairinho’s ex-girlfriend: ‘he could have killed my daughter’ | Fantastic

See the testimony of Dr. Jairinho’s ex-girlfriend: ‘he could have killed my daughter’ | Fantastic
See the testimony of Dr. Jairinho’s ex-girlfriend: ‘he could have killed my daughter’ | Fantastic

During the investigation of Henry’s death, the police came to the story of two other children, children of the councilor’s ex-girlfriends: a girl, now 13 years old – who testified ten days ago at the Child and Adolescent Police Station – and one eight year old boy. The girl’s mother talked to the Fantastic, but does not want to be identified.

In the video above, you can watch the excerpt from the Fantástico report with the mother’s testimony: “the Jairinho that I know, that my daughter describes, that did what he did with her, today I pray to God for the deliverance of not having been because he could have killed my daughter, “he says.

The negative reaction of the children, described by the families, to the presence of Jairinho is a point in common with Henry’s story. The police already know that on March 7, Henry vomited and cried when he returned to the apartment where he lived with his mother, Monique Medeiros, and his stepfather.

The daughter of his ex-girlfriend went through the same thing in childhood: “I said he was coming, then she was sick, threw up, grabbed me. Or I would ask my mother, ‘Can I stay with you, grandma? I don’t want to go, I want to stay here ‘. ”

Listen to Fantástico’s podcast and learn even more about the case:

Despite this, the mother did not realize what was happening. The story came up by chance. “It was more than a year since I separated from him. She, one day, watching a television program with my mother about child abuse, had a crying fit and told it,” he recalls.

The girl lived with the councilman from three to five years old. In this interview, the mother revealed details of what her daughter has now told the police: “I didn’t understand what was happening there. He is a person who has a persuasive power, a power of conversation, of speaking, impressive. I didn’t realize, it distresses me every day. The only thing that makes me feel good is when my daughter looks at me and says that I was not to blame, you know? ”

Asked by our reporters, the ex-girlfriend said why she didn’t report anything before: “Simply out of fear. He is an influential man, he is a man with money. He always made it clear to me: ‘And I know a lot of people, I know a judge, a judge So, it was her word against his, that was the truth “.

Watch the full report below:

Henry case: Fantastic hears reports about children who would have suffered abuse when their mothers dated Dr. Jairinho

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