‘He’s a crazy person, an aggressor’, says Jairinho’s ex

‘He’s a crazy person, an aggressor’, says Jairinho’s ex
‘He’s a crazy person, an aggressor’, says Jairinho’s ex
One of the ex-girlfriends of the doctor and councilor Dr. Jairinho (Solidariedade), stepfather of the boy Henry Borel, 4 years old, who died on March 8, in Rio de Janeiro, said that he considers the parliamentarian “a crazy person”. The woman, who is the mother of a 13-year-old girl, also denounced Jairinho’s assaults against her and her daughter while in a relationship with the doctor.

“I’m afraid because he [Jairinho] he shows himself to be a completely different person than he really is. In fact, for me, he is a crazy person, an aggressor. A person completely unbalanced and different from everything he was showing previously. To the point that, for example, I arrive from the street, he is hidden on the side of the street behind the tree “, the woman reported to the journalist Roberto Cabrini on the TV show Domingo Espetacular, on TV Record.

The 31-year-old hairdresser had a two-year relationship with Jairinho after meeting him while she worked on a political campaign for the doctor’s father, the former PM and former state deputy Jairo de Souza Santos. According to her, at the beginning of their relationship, the ex-wife of the parliamentarian came to look for her to say that she was still married to the councilman.

After that, the hairdresser began to be aware of other lies that the man could be telling and says that, at this moment, the parliamentarian “began to show his side that I did not know. The side of persecution, the side of jealousy” . The woman reported episodes of jealousy from the councilman who went so far as to grab her by the neck and tear her clothes in the middle of the street.

According to the woman, the congressman also assaulted her daughter, who was 4 at the time, with slugs and sank the girl under the water “until she lost her breath and went up again [à superfície]”.

The police opened a new investigation parallel to the Henry case after the testimony of the 13-year-old girl, who was allegedly assaulted by her ex-stepfather. In the report to the DCAV (Police Station for Child and Adolescent Victims), which lasted about 5 hours, the girl, whose name was not disclosed, in the presence of a psychologist, said that she was frequently assaulted by Jairinho for 8 years.

The ex-girlfriend also stated that she thinks Jairinho would be able to attack Henry after hearing the reports of the aggressions that his daughter suffered from the doctor. According to her, some of them coincide with the boy’s experiences, such as vomiting with nervousness and preferring to be with other people instead of his stepfather.

“I guess so [Jairinho seria capaz de agredir Henry] because if he attacked my daughter who was practically the same age, why couldn’t he have done it to other people ?. ”

For the whistleblower, the ex-boyfriend “has the incredible power of persuasion” and explains that she was deceived by the parliamentarian in different ways.

“He [Jairinho] thus, he managed to deceive me in several ways. I don’t know how he manages to show himself to be a delicate, gentle, caring person … and, at the same time, to be a guy who beats a child “, said the woman who believes that Henry’s case will have justice.” One moment the truth will appear, for sure, I have no doubt about it. “

Leniel’s lawyer points out ‘traces of torture’ in alleged assaults

Leonardo Barreto, lawyer for Leniel Borel, Henry’s father, said the teenager’s testimony indicates Jairinho’s aggressive behavior towards the children of ex-girlfriends. The lawyer calls the aggressions that the girl would have suffered as violence “with traces of torture and conduct that borders on sadism”.

It was very clear in my head that this is extreme aggressive behavior and conduct that borders on sadism. Because he [Jairinho] it has traces of torture. The criminal type registered with the DCAV was torture. What he did, at first, with the little girl was torture. Great injuries were caused, of great physical and mental suffering in this child without leaving any marks or evidence “, says Leonardo Barreto

Leniel questioned the version of Monique Medeiros, Henry’s mother, of believing that the injuries found on the body may have been caused by the child himself when he became unbalanced or tripped over the back of the bedroom armchair, causing him to fall to the floor.

“How am I going to tell all the parents who are there in Brazil that a child falls out of bed today and may be liver laceration, internal bleeding. And then when I look at the final report of IML [Instituto Médico Legal] there is a spleen involved, my son’s head with several cocks. How can we tell all the Brazilian people, parents, that a simple fall in bed can happen? “

Defense of Jairinho denies accusations

The defense of Jairinho and Monique, André Barreto, informed that the parliamentarian is “sure of the truth” and denies the accusations of aggression. In fact, the defense has reports from witnesses who witnessed the doctor’s relationship with the hairdresser and question the veracity of the testimonies.

“We are constantly equipping the authorities in the face of questions that come through the media about contradictions, alleged girlfriends, assaults, appointing witnesses, bringing documentary evidence, all to equip the authorities with the tranquility of innocence.”

And he continues: “Do not proceed, absurd, unreasonable [a denúncia de agressão da ex-namorada e da filha]. And more than Jairinho’s words, we brought much more than that. We have brought witnesses who reveal that this is extremely unstoppable. He remains very confident, very sure of the truth “.

Sought by Twitter in the last week, the defense of Jairinho informed that the woman decided to “slander” the politician “because she is an ex-girlfriend abandoned on the altar, after tattooing her name [Jairinho] On the arm”.

“In her view [da cabeleireira], it was an extremely humiliating situation, causing hatred and the promise of revenge. The current moment, at which the Claimant [Jairinho] is in evidence, due to the death of the boy Henry, proved to be opportune for [nome da mulher] unveil the lies about the relationship, it should be stressed, about 10 years ago “, concluded the lawyers.

According to the ex-girlfriend, she never married the congressman, but if it were true, that would not justify the aggressions that her daughter would have suffered.

“It is no surprise to me that he [Jairinho] wanting to lie to free him, to try to alleviate his situation. He will invent something because the truth is against him. No, I never even married him to be abandoned at the altar. We didn’t even have a wedding ceremony, we didn’t have any of that, we never married. Even if it were true, nothing justifies what he did to my daughter “, he concludes.

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