‘Godzilla vs Kong’ sets new US box office record in times of pandemic – Culture

Godzilla vs. Kong set a new box office record in cinema in times of pandemic.

The film of Warner Bros. and yes Legendary Entertainment grossed $ 32 million over the weekend and $ 48.5 million in the first five days of release, consolidating a new milestone since the reopening of North American cinemas.

As the first box office success in the days of the covid, Godzilla vs. Kong it seems to be an indication that people are ready to return to theaters in the U.S. after an entire year watching Netflix on the couch. The film is also available to subscribers of the HBO Max, with no extra value. It is not known how many people watched the film at home.

David A. Gross, who runs the film consulting firm Franchise Entertainment Research, called weekend ticket sales “strong” under “still tough conditions.”

More than 50% of US cinemas have reopened, but many – including those in New York and Los Angeles – operate with reduced capacity to comply with pandemic safety protocols.

“Although it is half of what we would have under normal circumstances, the weekend is a clear and positive indication that the act of going to the cinema has inherent forces that are not disappearing,” he said.


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