Super Mario game cartridge sells for almost R $ 4 million

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Attention, attention. Time to search the house’s trunk, the chests in the attic or the dusty boxes in the basement. It may be that you have millions of reais left at home, which would not be a bad thing to turn into cash in these difficult times. It is enough that you were a video game aficionado in the 80s or at least a fan of Super Mario, a Nintendo game released in 1985.

A Super Mario cartridge with the original sealed packaging was sold for almost 4 million reais ($ 660,000) at an auction in New York last week. The sale price made the transaction a record holder in the world of video games, beating even a rare original Nintendo console, bought for 360,000 dollars.

Look at the treasure! Photo of the piece sold for a modest 3.6 million reais – photo: Heritage Auctions

According to experts at the auction house Heritage Auctions, the value is due to some unique specifications of the piece. It was sealed from the factory and the used packaging had a very limited edition. It was only produced for a few months in 1986 (shortly afterwards Nintendo changed its system for packaging cartridges). The packaging also contains a review label given by the professional association WataGames, with a score of 9.6!

A drop in the ocean

“Since the number of copies produced for this product specification was so small, finding a copy in conditions like that is like looking for a specific drop of water in an ocean. I never say never, but there is a good chance that it never happens, ”explained the video game director at Heritage Auctions.

“Since the production window for this copy and others like it was so short, finding another copy from this same production run in similar condition would be akin to looking for single drop of water in an ocean,” said Valarie McLeckie, video games director for Heritage Auctions. “Never say never, but there’s a good chance it can’t be done.”

A lost treasure …

However, the question that everyone asked was: where was this treasure dug up from?

From the bottom of an office drawer, where it has been forgotten for 35 years. The game was purchased for Christmas 1986 and left out until last year. The reasons that made a grown man “forget” a cartridge of Super Mario bought at the end of the year at the discretion of the reader. Was he a compulsive buyer? Would you prefer books to video games? It is difficult to escape the field of divination, as the auction houses keep the names of sellers and buyers secret. It is only known that it is from Dallas and, in an interview given to CNN under the condition of not being identified, replied simply that “it has been in the bottom of my office drawer since the day I bought it. I never imagined that it had any value ”.

Anyway, to have a comparison of values ​​at which these games, a copy of the game Mega Man (1987) in similar conditions was sold for more than 600 thousand reais. Another of the game Mike Tyson Punch Out, of the same year, yielded more than 500 thousand reais.

Reading done, time to run to mom’s house (if she’s already vaccinated) to dive into the sealed boxes and who knows how to dig up some lost treasure like this.

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