Traffic – Asks cabin people to postpone the journey home

Traffic – Asks cabin people to postpone the journey home
Traffic – Asks cabin people to postpone the journey home

– It has not been announced that it will be any better in the near future. If you can leave the car, it is probably a good idea, says traffic operator Christofa Key-Nilsen in Vegtrafikksentralen to Dagbladet.

On the second day of Easter, most of the large mountain passes in southern Norway are closed due to bad weather. Only the E16 over Filefjell is open for traffic. On national road 52 Hemsedal and county road 50 between Aurland and Hol, there is column driving.

According to NTB, the latter section has been closed since Sunday, but was opened for column driving on Monday morning.

reports a three-hour wait from the east.

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– Wise to postpone

It’s all bad news for Norwegians on their way home from the Easter holidays.

– We see that many traveled yesterday, but several have probably chosen to go home today, or postpone the trip. It may be wise to postpone, considering how things look now, says Key-Nilsen.

There is nothing to suggest that the weather is easier at first. Most likely, the mountain passes will therefore not open in the foreseeable future – unless the weather suddenly turns.

Closed to the north

Vegtrafikksentralen Øst signs

that national road 15 Strynefjellet is closed due to storms and landslide danger. It will not be opened today.

Key-Nilsen has the following advice for those who choose to use the sections that are open for column driving:

– What you have to think about then is that you plan your trip, and that you have enough clothes and food in the car, because you can sit and wait a long time. Make sure you have enough fuel or electricity if you have an electric car. And if you can postpone the trip until tomorrow, it’s almost the best, considering the weather.

Queues have also been reported to the big cities.

– There are entrance queues from those who have been on Easter holiday. Then the advice is to keep the queue, and focus on the road, says the traffic operator.

In northern Norway, the E69 Skarsvåg-Nordkapp in Troms and Finnmark counties is closed due to the storm, according to NTB.

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