Study reveals that orange juice increases risk of skin cancer. Know the warning signs – Society

Researchers have found that consumption of orange juice increases the risk of developing skin cancer, reveals the The Sun.

According to the British newspaper, citrus fruit contains a substance called psoralen, which makes the skin sensitive to UV radiation and, therefore, causes cancer. Several dermatologists say that people with a family history of skin cancer should be advised to avoid fruit juices.

The Indiana University study found that people who drink more than one glass of orange juice a day have a 54% risk of developing skin cancer and those who eat more than one orange a day have a 79% risk. .

“This study can help professionals better advise patients who have already established risk factors, such as a family history of melanoma, to reduce their intake of citrus fruits,” says researcher Harriet Dalwood.

Warning signs

The British newspaper The Sun revealed a set of signs that you should take into account as they indicate whether you may be developing the disease. The most common signs of skin cancer are visible changes in warts, freckles or blemishes on the skin.


If a new or existing spot begins to change shape, it may be a sign of skin cancer.


Points with irregular edges are a warning sign.


If a stain is becoming different colors or starting to get darker, you should see a doctor.


If the spots, warts or freckles grow noticeably, you should seek medical advice.


Most freckles and spots tend to be flat, if they increase suddenly, it can be a sign of cancer. However, if you already have a protruding wart on your skin it does not mean that you will develop a cancer, but you should be aware.


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