‘Renaissance is getting closer and closer’, says Paulo Gustavo’s husband

‘Renaissance is getting closer and closer’, says Paulo Gustavo’s husband
‘Renaissance is getting closer and closer’, says Paulo Gustavo’s husband

The humorist’s husband Paulo Gustavo, Thales Bretas, and the director of films and specials for the actor, Susana garcia, gave an interview to Fantástico last Sunday (4) and talked about the artist’s health condition. Paulo Gustavo is admitted to the ICU with Covid-19.

“Right now, we are experiencing a bit of a difficult period, right? With many ups and downs. Anyone who has been to Covid and has been hospitalized knows how the disease is. It is a very serious disease. It’s very dangerous, sneaky, ”began Thales.

“Paulo is a very healthy guy. We were taking care of ourselves a lot. At Easter, which is such a special moment, I believe that this revival is getting closer and closer. So, I wanted to fill your hearts with hope, thank you for all your prayers again and say that soon, our beloved Paulo Gustavo will be back ”, he concluded.

The two, who are also doctors, do not leave the humorist’s side. “He turned and said: ‘Susana, if I could now, I would like to show the Brazilians, show everyone, how much this disease makes us suffer, how difficult it is, what I am going through here, how important it is people take care of themselves’. He said this. And before he was intubated, he looked at Thales and said, ‘I love you. See you soon. ‘ He is now on a straight line for healing. It will heal, it will get out of there and make us laugh a lot still ”, revealed Susana.

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