Cargo vessel in distress – parts of the crew evacuated

Cargo vessel in distress – parts of the crew evacuated
Cargo vessel in distress – parts of the crew evacuated
The case is being updated.

The main rescue center received an emergency message from a cargo vessel with 12 people on board at approximately 10.20.

– The vessel had a transfer of cargo on board which led to a 30 degree slope. The battle side has led to the vessel taking in some water, said rescue leader Oddgeir Andersen in HRS Southern Norway.

He stated that two helicopters had arrived at the vessel at 11 o’clock, which was working to evacuate the crew.

– The situation is so serious that the captain chose to send out an emergency message. He has considered that eight of the crew of twelve will be evacuated, so we are working on this now, he said.

The remaining four of the crew remained on board to try to stabilize the vessel.

Another helicopter and two vessels are on their way to the scene to assist.

Challenging conditions

The vessel is located in the North Sea, approximately 60 nautical miles from Ålesund. The cargo vessel was in transit and on its way to a Norwegian port.

At 12 o’clock, the Main Rescue Center states that the situation looks a little better.

– The vessel has stabilized a bit and will not take in more water, so we hope that this will go well, says rescue leader Torgeir Espedal.

At 12.30, eight people had been fired into the helicopter. These are flown to Ålesund.

– No one has been reported injured, says the rescue leader.

There are very demanding conditions on site.

– We are still evacuating, but the conditions are demanding. There is a strong wind up to a stiff gale and ten meter high waves, says Espedal.

No Norwegians on board

According to HRS, the vessel is 111 meters from the Netherlands. There should be no Norwegians among the crew.

The main rescue center reported the incident just before 11.30 on Monday.

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