Grocery, Rema 1000 | Rema 1000 cuts prices: Price reductions of up to 30 percent

When you go to the store on Tuesday, you will find over 100 items with a reduced price at Rema 1000. Expert shelves price cuts.

More goods will be up to 30 percent cheaper during the price cut, which lasts until the end of April.

– Price cuts and low prices will always be important for many families with children who juggle everyday life for the wallet to reach, says PR and communications manager in Rema 1000, Calle Hägg to Nettavisen.

He says that they have therefore invested heavily in price cuts on fruit and vegetables, and introduced a fixed cut of 25 percent on all diapers in the Æ app.

– We now continue to cut the price of goods that make a difference in everyday life for most people, and not least the family with children.

Hägg states that the price cut applies to all customers in Rema stores, while those with the Æ app will also receive their personal price cuts and ten percent on all fruit and vegetables.

Aimed at families with children

The more than 100 items that become cheaper are items that everyone buys in everyday life. It is goods such as fish burgers, salmon fillets, wholemeal bread, crispbread, salads, fruit, juices and detergents that become cheaper.

The April cut is based on which items they experience that customers would like to have on offer after Easter. The award campaign is a continuation of Rema’s commitment to families with children. Hägg says Rema hopes that they help to make everyday life a little easier with the price cuts.

– Many of our customers will benefit from the price cut, but it is clear that price cuts and low prices will always be important for families with children who juggle everyday life with many expenses and priorities for the wallet to reach.

Further down in the case, you can see a list of which goods are cut in price.

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– Smart move

Rune Nikolaisen, who is behind, is very pleased with Rema’s price cut.

– It is absolutely positive, especially since it is goods that everyone uses that are cut in price. This will be marked on the wallet, he says to Nettavisen.

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At the same time, he believes the timing of the price cut is good.

– Everyone expects the chains to make up for the “lost” after Easter, so this is a very smart move by Rema, he says.

– At the same time, it is not only unhealthy goods that are included in the price cut, and I think many will appreciate cheaper healthy goods as well, says Nikolaisen.

He hopes the other chains will follow suit, although he does not believe that any of the competitors will settle for a lower price level.

– It was probably Rema’s turn to start a big price cut now, although I have not seen that they have been first out lately. But maybe we will see more of it now, says Nikolaisen.

Check which items will be cheaper at Rema in April:

Huge cuts on ice

It’s not just healthy goods that are part of Rema’s price cut in April. The chain cuts the price of all small ice cream from Diplom-Is and Isbjørn Is by 30 percent.

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Rema’s figures from 2020 show that sales of small ice cream normally increase by more than 100 per cent in April, and sales of grilled sausages increase by more than 130 per cent in the same month.

– The cut is adapted to a little coziness, which we think is important at this time of year, says category and purchasing director Line Aarnes in Rema.


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