BBB 2021 poll: Who will be eliminated, Caio, Gilberto or Rodolffo? See the partial

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Caio, Gilberto and Rodolffo are in the dispute for the public preference of BBB 2021; who leaves? (Images: Fábio Rocha / Globo)

Caio, Gilberto e Rodolfo are in the newest Paredão do BBB 2021. The three ended up in the hot seat after the live edition of this Sunday (4). The episode in question brought the blessing of the Angel, the indication of the Leader, the votes in the confessional and open and the counterattack.

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The formation of the berlinda was opened with the delivery of the Angel’s necklace to João Luiz. With the immunity given by Fiuk and Gilberto, the professor established himself in the Top 10 of the game – highly valued by the confined. In the sequence, Viih Tube sent Gil to the dispute for the preference of the public.

It’s not because Sarah left, I know he knows that”, Highlighted the influencer, mentioning the suspicions regarding the behavior of the doctoral student in Economics in the competition, including the articulation that he and the ally, removed from the game last Tuesday (30), made against her in past votes.

Soon after, the first indications of the house – inside the confessional -, received votes from Arthur, Caio, Pocah and Rodolffo in Juliette. Rodolffo was chosen by Camilla de Lucas, Gilberto, João Luiz and the makeup artist. Fiuk, randomly, chose Arthur. Thaís, also outside the home’s radar, opted for Caio.

Juliette’s friend, Viih Tube broke the tie, opting for Rodolffo’s nomination. Following, the open choices. The sertanejo started the protocol, highlighting his sister, as well as Arthur, Caio and Pocah. The farmer was elected by Camilla, João, Juliette and Thaís. Fiuk maintained his position in Arthur; Gil elected Pocah.

Caio was then pointed at Paredão, in the face of another draw. Because he was chosen in an open vote, he won the right to counterattack; Juliette ended up being led by him to the hot seat. The Bate e Volta event led to the release of her sister.

O RD1, so, you want to know: who do you believe will leave the dispute for the R $ 1.5 million of BBB 2021 next Tuesday (6)? Vote!

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