Excessive evidence against Bolsonaro


Photo: Isac Nóbrega / PR

“All we can do is continue to isolate Bolsonaro for bring him down at the moment it is possible, although this can only happen in 22”, says Fernando Gabeira.

“And judge him also for his murderous incompetence, when it is possible and we have the strength so that Justice does not fail. Bolsonaro has some characteristics that can absolve him in certain Brazilian courts. One is the large amount of evidence against him. In the country, there have been cases of acquittal for excess of evidence.

At the moment, it is necessary to gather forces against pandemic, Save lifes. Here and there, Bolsonaro will try to give hit of State. But the virus does not bend to tanks and cannons. Basically, the fundamental task will remain the same until we neutralize this plague. ”

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