Rodolffo counters Caio after brother denies talks about Juliette

Soon after the wall formation, Juliette talked to Rodolffo and Caio on the fourth string of “BBB 21” (TV Globo). The sister said she heard Caio talking to Arthur and Gilberto about the possibility of sending Juliette to the wall. Caio denied that he talked about it, but Rodolffo said that his brother even made the comment.

“Just to let you know that in the kitchen, I hear from here, see? I heard you and Arthur in blah blah blah in conversation with Gil. He spoke my name, I went over there and I heard you saying, ‘If you immunize Juliette, Fiuk goes’, “said Juliette.

“So it wasn’t me,” replied Caio. Juliette said that both he and Arthur made the comment. “Are you sure it was me?” Asked the Goiano.

“I didn’t hear it completely but someone said it. You said my name,” continued the sister.

Caio denied it again.

“I didn’t say it, no. For something else, but not that,” said the brother.

“Yes, they told him. I listened,” pressed the Paraiba.

Caio asked if Juliette overheard him making the comment to Gilberto. Juliette said she was not sure if it was her brother who spoke because, at the time, Caio and Arthur had their backs to her.

“That comment came out earlier. It may not have been on that occasion, but it came out, it came out. You remember it came out. It may not have been on that occasion,” interrupted Rodolffo.

Caio reaffirmed that he did not discuss the matter with Arthur and Caio in the kitchen. Juliette says she heard the conversation before the party, while the brothers enjoyed the food and drinks sent by the production. “I listened and I was like,” said the sister.

“Ju, I didn’t say it was a problem for him. I just said how difficult his position was,” said Caio, confirming that he had made the comment. “I didn’t say anything bad, I just said how difficult the situation is”, concluded the brother.

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Globo / João Cotta


Globo / João Cotta

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