Shares rare photos of the kids

In February 2017, Beyoncé (39) and her husband Jay-Z (51) revealed that they would become parents again. The couple, who also have a daughter Blue Ivy (9), could then tell that they were expecting twins.

The nice news was shared with fans on Instagram:

“We want to share our love and joy with you. We have now been doubly blessed. We are incredibly grateful that our family will grow by two, and we thank you for all the good wishes. “The Carters,” they wrote at the time.

The picture with the baby announcement received over eleven million likes, and thus set a new Instagram record, according to Billboard.

Four months later, in June 2017, the twins – a boy and a girl – were born. The children were named Rumi and Sir Carter and have today turned three years old.

The star couple has been very careful about exposing the kids on social media, so the surprise was probably big for many when Beyoncé recently posted a photo carousel of all three children on Instagram.

«HOMECOMING»: Soon comes the film about when Beyoncé Knowles headlined the American festival Coachella in California. Here we also get a glimpse of her twins, who were born on June 13, 2017. The film premieres on Netflix on April 17. Video: Netflix
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The family first had dinner at the exclusive sushi restaurant Nobu in Malibu, before walking down to the nearby beach and wading in the water, writes E! News.

And this was documented by the 39-year-old himself on Instagram.

In the first picture, the pop star and the eldest daughter pose together on a selfie where they make a fuss about the camera. Then comes one of little Rumi playing on the beach, then a close-up of the hands of Beyoncé and Blue Ivy, while the fourth and final picture shows her with her son Sir Carter wading in the water.

While big sister Blue Ivy shows her face in the picture, the twins are pictured with their backs to. The reason is probably that the star couple wants to protect the youngest children more than the eldest daughter Blue Ivy – who the public has seen far more than the younger siblings.

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– Extremely difficult

As mentioned, Beyoncé and her husband take good care of the children’s privacy, and it is not exactly commonplace for them to be shown on social media in this way.

– Beyoncé’s cousin shot and killed

In retrospect, the superstar has been open about the fact that the pregnancy with the twins was far from easy. The mother of three developed preeclampsia, better known as preeclampsia.

PRIVATE: Beyoncé is known for being private, but on New Year’s Eve she shared photos of her twins. Video: Beyoncé
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According to the NHI, this is a condition in which the pregnant woman, due to a disease in the placenta, gets high blood pressure and proteins in the urine. Swelling (water) is often seen in the legs.

– My body went through more than I knew it could handle, the 39-year-old admitted in the Netflix documentary “Homecoming”, reproduced by People.

– It was an extremely difficult pregnancy, she added.

Had to cancel

The pop star found out she was pregnant in late 2016, and by this time she was already booked in as headliner for the music festival Coachella in mid-April 2017.

She had to cancel that job.

– I was actually supposed to do Coachella, but got pregnant unexpectedly. And that I was pregnant with twins was an even bigger surprise, she continued in the documentary.

– The pregnancy was unexpected and extremely difficult

Beyoncé also revealed that she weighed 99 kilos when she was driven to the delivery room, and that complications arose during the birth itself.

“One baby’s heart took a few breaks in the womb a couple of times, so I had to have an emergency caesarean section,” she said.

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