Justice suspends reopening of schools in the city of Rio de Janeiro | Rio de Janeiro

The Court of Justice of Rio suspended on Sunday night (4) the return to face-to-face classes in the city of Rio de Janeiro. The preliminary decision served a popular action by a group of councilors and deputies, and is subject to appeal.

Judge Roberto Câmara Lace Brandão, of the Judicial Service, determined the suspension until the merits are judged or the decision of the city hall is revoked. The magistrate fixed a fine of R $ 50 thousand in case the injunction is not complied with.

On Friday (2), a decree from the City Hall of Rio provided for the return to classes and the resumption of the functioning of non-essential public administration bodies. The decree eases some restrictive measures and maintains others. See more below

According to the text of the decree, municipal schools could reopen on Monday only in an administrative manner. The face-to-face classes would return on Tuesday (6), but only in schools that were already functioning before the 10-day “emergency break” that ended on Sunday (4).

The City of Rio de Janeiro published on Friday (2) a decree that eases some restrictive measures to contain the advance of Covid-19 starting next Friday (9) – e maintains some restrictions.

Rules determined by the municipality last week, in the period called “emergency break”, were extended until Thursday (8).

Eduardo Paes: “We would love to open the city. Not yet”

From sixth is that other establishments such as shops, clubs, bars, restaurants and others will be allowed to reopen (see which ones are below).

Beaches, parks, waterfalls and others will remain prohibited (check the complete list at the end of the text).

On Saturday (3), the state of Rio also issued a new decree with restrictions to combat the spread of Covid. The measures will be valid from Monday until the 12th.

The harshest municipal rules will prevail over those of the decree. In the capital, for example, staying on the beaches remains prohibited. In the state decree, she was not named.

2 of 2 Copacabana Beach (Archive) – Photo: Marcello Cavalcanti / Personal archive

Copacabana Beach (Archive) – Photo: Marcello Cavalcanti / Personal archive

What can open and schedule

From Friday (9), until 9 pm *:

  • Bares
  • Snack bars
  • Restaurants
  • Waterfront kiosks

* After this time, they may work delivery only.

Also from Friday, from 11am to 9pm:

* According to the city hall, “activities inside shopping malls, shopping centers and store galleries, should work according to time restrictions”.

  • Museums
  • Zoo
  • Galleries
  • Libraries
  • Cinemas
  • Theaters
  • Staying on the beach sand
  • Street vendors
  • Dance clubs and nightclubs
  • Entrance of intercity buses chartered with tourists
  • Events & Events
  • Parks and waterfalls
  • Public and private parties
  • Samba wheels
  • Fairs, exhibitions and congresses
  • Exercises and team sports *

* Exercises and team sports, including circuits and the like, guided by physical education teachers, whether in open or closed areas, such as gyms and other private areas, are still prohibited.

The city informed that it is also not allowed “naked” in squares, courts and the like. Only individual activities are allowed.

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