Even if Covid-19 is ineffective, pharmacy sells more than 2,000 boxes of ivermectin in 7 days | ac24horas.com

Even if Covid-19 is ineffective, pharmacy sells more than 2,000 boxes of ivermectin in 7 days | ac24horas.com
Even if Covid-19 is ineffective, pharmacy sells more than 2,000 boxes of ivermectin in 7 days | ac24horas.com

Expert says indiscriminate use of the drug causes diseases such as ‘drug hepatitis’

Despite the constant reports from the World Health Organization (WHO) that “the early use of Ivermectin does not fight the Covid-19 virus”, the drug remains one of the most sought after in pharmacies in Acre.

According to data obtained by the report of the ac24horas, in the last week – from March 22 to 28 – only 2,326 boxes of the product were sold in a large pharmacy in Rio Branco.

Then, in the list of the most sold products in Rio Branco pharmacies and drugstores, 10 of them are linked to the combat of Covid-19. The second most sought after item is masks; the third dipyrone and the fourth is syringes.

For pharmacist João Vitor Braz, president of the Regional Pharmacy Council in Acre, the blame for the high demand for the drug has to do with advertisements made by political and public figures, such as the President of the Republic, Jair Bolsonaro, who has promoted vermifuge as part of “early treatment” against the disease.
“Some public figures have been advertising the medication wrongly, as if the medicine were to have a preventive effect. There is no scientific study that proves the effectiveness of the medication ”, he says.

João said that because of the defense of ivermectin in the treatment of coronavirus, there was a large-scale demand in this second wave of the pandemic by a good part of the population in pharmacies. For him, the ease in purchasing the product is related to the lack of need to present a medical prescription.

However, the expert warns of the risks of indiscriminate use of ivermectin, which, for him, is causing damage to the health of the consumer population. “He is a dewormer who has no efficacy neither in the prevention nor in the treatment of the disease, on the contrary, studies point out cases of medicated hepatitis and other comorbidities”, he declared.


Recently, the issue of whether or not to use the drug has led to differences of opinion. The doctor Osvaldo Leal, for example, as soon as he assumed the direction of the Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics of Acre (Into), removed ivermectin from the list of drugs that were previously provided to patients.

Another who is always against the medication is councilwoman Michelle Melo (PDT), who even called the Public Ministry on the municipality’s spending on the medicine.

However, the drug has its defenders in the capital, in this case, the mayor of Rio Branco, Tião Bocalom (Progressives) and his secretary of health, Frank Lima, who even added ivermectin and chloroquine to the ‘covid kit’ at the gas city ​​health.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has recommended that ivermectin, a dewormer, should not be used to treat patients with Covid-19, regardless of the level of severity or the duration of symptoms.

There is no evidence that the drug has a beneficial effect in terms of reduced mortality, mechanical ventilation, hospital stay, length of hospital stay and viral load.

What is ivermectin for?

Ivermectin is an antiparasitic remedy capable of paralyzing and promoting the elimination of several parasites, being mainly indicated by the doctor in the treatment of onchocerciasis, elephantiasis, pediculosis, ascariasis and scabies.

This remedy is indicated for adults and children over 5 years and can be found in pharmacies, it is important to consult the doctor regarding its use, as the dose may vary according to the infectious agent to be treated and the weight of the affected person. .

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