It’s official: LG closes smartphone division

It’s official: LG closes smartphone division
It’s official: LG closes smartphone division

Today is a sad day for technology lovers and for the entire Android ecosystem: LG has officially announced its exit from the smartphone market, with a total closure until July 31.

The news is not entirely surprising, after being a persistent rumor over the past few weeks, but it is a big loss for the smartphone world to see a historic Android name throw the towel to the floor.

Debuting in the Android ecosystem in November 2009 with LG Eve, the brand was one of the first to believe in the new operating system and has become one of its greatest strengths. Over the years, LG has never abandoned its spirit of innovation and experimentation, creating bold devices, often with advances and setbacks that may well have been part of the problem.

Some of my favorite smartphones are LG: the curved and revolutionary LG Flex, the impressive LG V10, and what about the LG V60 with its dual screen? LG’s latest efforts include the beautiful LG Velvet, one of the most stylish smartphones on the market, and the inimitable LG Wing, the culmination of the brand’s innovation efforts.

Signs that we had a LG in hand include the above-average audio with the bet of the powerful DAC, or the MIL-STD certification that made the average LG more resistant than the competitor’s equipment. Somehow, however, LG never managed to reinvent itself as its rival Samsung, nor did it attract the fat numbers of the mainstream, losing quotas annually to the competition.

The coming times may be a good time to grab your favorite LG, as the brand will continue to sell the devices until they run out of stock and, with technical support ending sometime in the future, we are sure to see a lot of discounts.

In March, LG apparently tried to find a buyer for its smartphone division, but that initiative did not bear fruit. Maybe it’s for the best. Perhaps it is better to see the worthy end of a brand than to see its name simply dragged onto another manufacturer’s hardware.

Perhaps LG can one day stop to think, look and analyze its history in the last 3 or 4 years and realize what went wrong, get back to the charge and make revenge its vision for the Android world. Until then, goodbye LG, and thanks for everything.

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