Twitter deletes video in which Roberto Jefferson tells how to get rid of “Satan”

Twitter removed this Sunday (April 4, 2021) a video in which former federal deputy and PTB president Roberto Jefferson appears to suggest that Christians should arm themselves against the “Satan who wants to close churches and impose communism in Brazil”.

In the video, Jefferson says he will show Christians the “Kit-anti Satan”.

The politician says that the faithful gave churches need a balaclava – a type of cap with an eye opening. “When the time comes for Satan to close the church, you cannot breathe the air of Satan, so as not to get sick”, said. Jefferson advises that 20 Christians “Determined” use the balaclava.

Roberto Jefferson instructs Christians to use balaclava reproduction

Jefferson says you need to find “Or armed Satan”. With a seemingly toy gun in his hands, he says: “This one, a patriotic brother, get out of action.”

In the video, Jefferson presents other instruments, such as a hoe handle and baseball bat. According to the politician, the objects must be used to hit the arm of the “Satan” who has a can of pepper spray in his hand. Another artifact that appears in the video is a whip. “The way to exorcise Satan is through the whip”, declared.

Ex-deputy says it is necessary to hit the arm of the “Satan” with a hoe handle with a can of pepper spray in his hand reproduction

The video was published on Friday (2.abr), in a unverified profile de Jefferson no Twitter. A account the former deputy is “Retained” through the social network.

The report was unable to contact Roberto Jefferson’s adviser.

STF releases services and masses

On Saturday (3rd), the minister of the STF (Supreme Federal Court) allowed the holding of services and masses throughout the country. Religious activities had been suspended by states and municipalities because of the increase in the number of covid-19 infections and deaths from the disease.

After the decision, the mayor of Belo Horizonte, Alexandre Kalil (PSD), had said that he would not obey the determination, and that he would keep churches closed. After being summoned by the magistrate, Kalil went back and released the services.

This Sunday (4th), STF Minister Marco Aurélio criticized the release of services and masses. He said he sees the measure with “A lot of concern” and that it is not for the Judiciary to decide “Open or close”.

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